Inca dove(Zoöl.), a small dove native of Arizona, Lower California, and Mexico.

(In*cage") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Incaged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Incaging ] [Cf. Encage.] To confine in, or as in, a cage; to coop up. [Written also encage.] "Incaged birds." Shak.

(In*cage"ment) n. Confinement in, or as in, cage. [Obs.] Shelton.

(In*cal`cu*la*bil"i*ty) n. The quality or state of being incalculable.

(In*cal"cu*la*ble) a. [Pref. in- not + calculable: cf. F. incalculable.] Not capable of being calculated; beyond calculation; very great.In*cal"cu*la*ble*ness, n.In*cal"cu*la*bly, adv.

(In`ca*les"cence) n. The state of being incalescent, or of growing warm. Sir T. Browne.

(In`ca*les"cen*cy) n. Incalescence. Ray.

(In`ca*les"cent) a. [L. incalescens, -entis, p. pr. of incalescere to grow hot. See 1st In-, and Calescence.] Growing warm; increasing in heat.

(In*cam`er*a"tion) n. [Pref. in- in + L. camera chamber, LL., also, jurisdiction: cf. F. incamération, It. incamerazione.] (R. C. Ch.) The act or process of uniting lands, rights, or revenues, to the ecclesiastical chamber, i. e., to the pope's domain.

(In"can) a. Of or pertaining to the Incas.

(In`can*des"cence) n. [Cf. F. incandescence.] A white heat, or the glowing or luminous whiteness of a body caused by intense heat.

(In`can*des"cent) a. [L. incandecens, -entis, p. pr. of incandescere to become warm or hot; pref. in- in + candescere to become of a glittering whiteness, to become red hot, incho. fr. candere to be of a glittering whiteness: cf. F. incandescent. See Candle.] White, glowing, or luminous, with intense heat; as, incandescent carbon or platinum; hence, clear; shining; brilliant.

Holy Scripture become resplendent; or, as one might say, incandescent throughout.
I. Taylor.

Incandescent lampor light(Elec.), a kind of lamp in which the light is produced by a thin filament of conducting material, usually carbon, contained in a vacuum, and heated to incandescence by an electric current, as in the Edison lamp; — called also incandescence lamp, and glowlamp.

(In`ca*nes"cent) a. [L. incanescens, p. pr. incanescere to become gray.] Becoming hoary or gray; canescent.

Inburning to Incense

(In"burn`ing) a. Burning within.

Her inburning wrath she gan abate.

(In"burnt`) a. Burnt in; ineffaceable.

Her inburnt, shamefaced thoughts.
P. Fletcher.

(In"burst`) n. A bursting in or into.

(Inc) n. A Japanese measure of length equal to about two and one twelfth yards. [Written also ink.]

(In"ca) n. (a) An emperor or monarch of Peru before, or at the time of, the Spanish conquest; any member of this royal dynasty, reputed to have been descendants of the sun. (b) pl. The people governed by the Incas, now represented by the Quichua tribe.

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