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(Heath) n. [OE. heth waste land, the plant heath, AS. h&aemacrð; akin to D. & G. heide, Icel. heiðr waste land, Dan. hede, Sw. hed, Goth. haiþi field, L. bucetum a cow pasture; cf. W. coed a wood, Skr. kshetra field. &radic20.]

1. (Bot.) (a) A low shrub (Erica, or Calluna, vulgaris), with minute evergreen leaves, and handsome clusters of pink flowers. It is used in Great Britain for brooms, thatch, beds for the poor, and for heating ovens. It is also called heather, and ling. (b) Also, any species of the genus Erica, of which several are European, and many more are South African, some of great beauty. See Illust. of Heather.

2. A place overgrown with heath; any cheerless tract of country overgrown with shrubs or coarse herbage.

Their stately growth, though bare,
Stands on the blasted heath.

Heath cock(Zoöl.), the blackcock. See Heath grouse Heath grass(Bot.), a kind of perennial grass, of the genus Triodia growing on dry heaths.Heath grouse, orHeath game(Zoöl.), a European grouse which inhabits heaths; — called also black game, black grouse, heath poult, heath fowl, moor fowl. The male is called heath cock, and blackcock; the female, heath hen, and gray hen.Heath hen. (Zoöl.) See Heath grouse Heath pea(Bot.), a species of bitter vetch the tubers of which are eaten, and in Scotland are used to flavor whisky.Heath throstle(Zoöl.), a European thrush which frequents heaths; the ring ouzel.

(Heath"clad`) a. Clad or crowned with heath.

(Hea"then) n.; pl. Heathens (-&thlig'nz) or collectively Heathen. [OE. hethen, AS. h&aemacrðen, prop. an adj. fr. h&aemacrð heath, and orig., therefore, one who lives in the country or on the heaths and in the woods (cf. pagan, fr. pagus village); akin to OS. heðin, adj., D. heiden a heathen, G. heide, OHG. heidan, Icel. heiðinn, adj., Sw. heden, Goth. haiþno, n. fem. See Heath, and cf. Hoiden.]

2. To excite or make hot by action or emotion; to make feverish.

Pray, walk softly; do not heat your blood.

3. To excite ardor in; to rouse to action; to excite to excess; to inflame, as the passions.

A noble emulation heats your breast.

(Heat), v. i.

1. To grow warm or hot by the action of fire or friction, etc., or the communication of heat; as, the iron or the water heats slowly.

2. To grow warm or hot by fermentation, or the development of heat by chemical action; as, green hay heats in a mow, and manure in the dunghill.

(Heat) imp. & p. p. of Heat. Heated; as, the iron though heat red- hot. [Obs. or Archaic] Shak.

(Heat"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, heats.

2. Any contrivance or implement, as a furnace, stove, or other heated body or vessel, etc., used to impart heat to something, or to contain something to be heated.

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