(Hog"nose`snake") (Zoöl.) A harmless North American snake of the genus Heterodon, esp. H. platyrhynos; — called also puffing adder, blowing adder, and sand viper.

(Hog"nut`) n. (Bot.) (a) The pignut. See Hickory. (b) In England, the Bunium flexuosum, a tuberous plant.

(Ho"go) n. [Corrupted from F. haut goût.] High flavor; strong scent. [Obs.] Halliwell.

(Hog"pen`) n. A pen or sty for hogs.

(Hog"reeve`) n. [See Reeve.] A civil officer charged with the duty of impounding hogs running at large. [New Eng.] Bartlett.

(Hog"ring`er) n. One who puts rings into the snouts of hogs.

(Hog's"-back`) n. (Geol.) A hogback.

(Hog"score`) n. [Etymol. uncertain.] (Curling) A distance line drawn across the rink or course between the middle line and the tee. [Scot.]

(Hogs"head) n. [D. okshoofd; akin to Sw. oxhufvud, Dan. oxehoved, G. oxhoft; apparently meaning orig., ox head, but it is not known why this name was given. Cf. Ox, Head.]

1. An English measure of capacity, containing 63 wine gallons, or about 52½ imperial gallons; a half pipe.

The London hogshead of beer was 54 beer gallons, the London hogshead of ale was 48 ale gallons. Elsewhere in England the ale and beer hogsheads held 51 gallons. These measures are no longer in use, except for cider.

2. A large cask or barrel, of indefinite contents; esp. one containing from 100 to 140 gallons. [U. S.]

(Hog"skin`) n. Leather tanned from a hog's skin. Also used adjectively.

(Hog"sty`) n.; pl. Hogsties A pen, house, or inclosure, for hogs.

(Hog"wash`) n. Swill. Arbuthnot.

(Hog"weed`) n. (Bot.) (a) A common weed (Ambrosia artemisiæge). See Ambrosia, 3. (b) In England, the Heracleum Sphondylium.

(Hoi"den) n. [OE. hoydon a lout, rustic, OD. heyden a heathen, gypsy, vagabond, D. heiden, fr. OD. heyde heath, D. heide. See Heathen, Heath.] [Written also hoyden.]

1. A rude, clownish youth. [Obs.] Milton.

2. A rude, bold girl; a romp. H. Kingsley.

(Hoi"den), a. Rustic; rude; bold. Young.

(Hoi"den), v. i. To romp rudely or indecently. Swift.

(Hoi"den*hood) n. State of being a hoiden.

(Hoi"den*ish), a. Like, or appropriate to, a hoiden.

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