Gambrel roof(Arch.), a curb roof having the same section in all parts, with a lower steeper slope and an upper and flatter one, so that each gable is pentagonal in form.

(Gam"brel) v. t. To truss or hang up by means of a gambrel. Beau. & Fl.

(Gam*broon") n. A kind of twilled linen cloth for lining. Simmonds.

(Gam"bier) n. [Malayan.] (a) The inspissated juice of a plant (Uncaria Gambir) growing in Malacca. It is a powerful astringent, and, under the name of Terra Japonica, is used for chewing with the Areca nut, and is exported for tanning and dyeing. (b) Catechu. [Written also gambeer and gambir.]

(Gam"bi*son) n. [OF. gambeson, gambaison, fr. gambais, wambais, of German origin: cf. MHG. wambeis, G. wams doublet, fr. OHG. wamba, stomach. See Womb.] A defensive garment formerly in use for the body, made of cloth stuffed and quilted.

(Gam"bist) n. [It. gamba leg.] (Mus.) A performer upon the viola di gamba. See under Viola.

(Gam"bit) n. [F. gambit, cf. It. gambitto gambit, a tripping up. See Gambol, n.] (Chess Playing) A mode of opening the game, in which a pawn is sacrificed to gain an attacking position.

(Gam"ble) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Gambled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Gambling ] [Dim. of game. See 2d Game.] To play or game for money or other stake.

(Gamble), v. t. To lose or squander by gaming; — usually with away. "Bankrupts or sots who have gambled or slept away their estates." Ames.

(Gam"bler) n. One who gambles.

(Gam*boge") n. A concrete juice, or gum resin, produced by several species of trees in Siam, Ceylon, and Malabar. It is brought in masses, or cylindrical rolls, from Cambodia, or Cambogia, — whence its name. The best kind is of a dense, compact texture, and of a beatiful reddish yellow. Taken internally, it is a strong and harsh cathartic and emetic. [Written also camboge.]

There are several kinds of gamboge, but all are derived from species of Garcinia, a genus of trees of the order Guttiferæ. The best Siam gamboge is thought to come from Garcinia Hanburii. Ceylon gamboge is from G. Morella. G. pictoria, of Western India, yields gamboge, and also a kind of oil called gamboge butter.

(Gam*bo"gi*an Gambogic) a. Pertaining to, resembling, or containing, gamboge.

(Gam"bol) n. [OE. gambolde, gambaulde, F. gambade, gambol, fr. It. gambata kick, fr. L. gamba leg, akin to F. jambe, OF. also, gambe, fr. L. gamba, hoof or perh. joint: cf. Gr. kamph` a binding, winding, W., Ir. & Gael. cam crooked; perh. akin to E. chamber: cf.F. gambiller to kick about. Cf. Jamb, n., Gammon ham, Gambadoes.] A skipping or leaping about in frolic; a hop; a sportive prank. Dryden.

(Gam"bol) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Gamboled or Gambolled; p. pr. & vb. n. Gamboling or Gambolling.] To dance and skip about in sport; to frisk; to skip; to play in frolic, like boys or lambs.

(Gam"brel) n. [OF. gambe, jambe leg, F. jambe. Cf. Cambrel, Chambrel, and see Gambol. n.]

1. The hind leg of a horse.

2. A stick crooked like a horse's hind leg; - - used by butchers in suspending slaughtered animals.

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