(Fub"by Fub"sy) a. Plump; chubby; short and stuffy; as a fubsy sofa. [Eng.]

A fubsy, good-humored, silly . . . old maid.
Mme. D'Arblay.

(Fu"cate Fu"ca*ted) a. [L. fucatus, p. p. of fucare to color, paint, fr. fucus.] Painted; disguised with paint, or with false show.

(||Fuchs) n. [G., prop., a fox.] (German Univ.) A student of the first year.

(Fuch"si*a) n.; pl. E. Fuchsias L. Fuchsiæ [NL. Named after Leonard Fuchs, a German botanist.] (Bot.) A genus of flowering plants having elegant drooping flowers, with four sepals, four petals, eight stamens, and a single pistil. They are natives of Mexico and South America. Double- flowered varieties are now common in cultivation.

(Fuch"sine) n. [Named by the French inventor, from Fuchs a fox, the German equivalent of his own name, Renard.] (Chem.) Aniline red; an artificial coal-tar dyestuff, of a metallic green color superficially, resembling cantharides, but when dissolved forming a brilliant dark red. It consists of a hydrochloride or acetate of rosaniline. See Rosaniline.

(Fu*civ"o*rous) a. [Fucus + L. vorare to eat.] (Zoöl.) Eating fucus or other seaweeds.

(Fu"coid) a. [Fucus + - oid.] (Bot.) (a) Properly, belonging to an order of alga: (Fucoideæ) which are blackish in color, and produce oöspores which are not fertilized until they have escaped from the conceptacle. The common rockweeds and the gulfweed (Sargassum) are fucoid in character. (b) In a vague sense, resembling seaweeds, or of the nature of seaweeds.

(Fu"coid), n. (Bot.) A plant, whether recent or fossil, which resembles a seaweed. See Fucoid, a.

(Fu*coid"al) a.

1. (Bot.) Fucoid.

2. (Geol.) Containing impressions of fossil fucoids or seaweeds; as, fucoidal sandstone.

(Fu"cus) n.; pl. Fuci [L. rock lichen, orchil, used as a red dye, red or purple color, disguise, deceit.]

1. A paint; a dye; also, false show. [Obs.]

2. (Bot.) A genus of tough, leathery seaweeds, usually of a dull brownish green color; rockweed.

Formerly most marine algæ were called fuci.

(Fu"cu*sol) n. [Fucus + L. oleum oil.] (Chem.) An oily liquid, resembling, and possibly identical with, furfurol, and obtained from fucus, and other seaweeds.

(Fud) n. [Of uncertain origin.]

1. The tail of a hare, coney, etc. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.] Burns.

2. Woolen waste, for mixing with mungo and shoddy.

(Fud"der) n. See Fodder, a weight.

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