Folding boat, a portable boat made by stretching canvas, etc., over jointed framework, used in campaigning, and by tourists, etc. Ham. Nav. Encyc.

Folding chair, a chair which may be shut up compactly for carriage or stowage; a camp chair.Folding door, one of two or more doors filling a single and hung upon hinges.

(Fold"less), a. Having no fold. Milman.

(Fo`li*a"ceous) a. [L. foliaceus, fr. folium leaf.]

1. (Bot.) Belonging to, or having the texture or nature of, a leaf; having leaves intermixed with flowers; as, a foliaceous spike.

2. (Min.) Consisting of leaves or thin laminæ; having the form of a leaf or plate; as, foliaceous spar.

3. (Zoöl.) Leaflike in form or mode of growth; as, a foliaceous coral.

(Fo"li*age) n. [OF. foillage, fueillage, F. feuillage, fr. OF. foille, fueille, fueil, F. feulle, leaf, L. folium. See 3d Foil, and cf. Foliation, Filemot.]

1. Leaves, collectively, as produced or arranged by nature; leafage; as, a tree or forest of beautiful foliage.

2. A cluster of leaves, flowers, and branches; especially, the representation of leaves, flowers, and branches, in architecture, intended to ornament and enrich capitals, friezes, pediments, etc.

Foliage plant(Bot.), any plant cultivated for the beauty of its leaves, as many kinds of Begonia and Coleus.

(Fo"li*age) v. t. To adorn with foliage or the imitation of foliage; to form into the representation of leaves. [R.] Drummond.

(Fo"li*aged) a. Furnished with foliage; leaved; as, the variously foliaged mulberry.

(Fo"li*ar) a. (Bot.) Consisting of, or pertaining to, leaves; as, foliar appendages.

Foliar gap(Bot.), an opening in the fibrovascular system of a stem at the point of origin of a leaf. Foliar trace(Bot.), a particular fibrovascular bundle passing down into the stem from a leaf.

(Fo"li*ate) a. [L. foliatus leaved, leafy, fr. folium leaf. See Foliage.] (Bot.) Furnished with leaves; leafy; as, a foliate stalk.

Foliate curve. (Geom.) Same as Folium.

Foldage to Following

(Fold"age), n. [See Fold inclosure, Faldage.] (O.Eng.Law.) See Faldage.

(Fold"er) n. One who, or that which, folds; esp., a flat, knifelike instrument used for folding paper.

(Fol"de*rol`) n. Nonsense. [Colloq.]

(Fold"ing) n.

1. The act of making a fold or folds; also, a fold; a doubling; a plication.

The lower foldings of the vest.

2. (Agric.) The keepig of sheep in inclosures on arable land, etc.

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