Foliated telluium. (Min.) See Nagyagite.

(Fo"li*a"tion) n. [Cf. F. foliation.]

1. The process of forming into a leaf or leaves.

2. The manner in which the young leaves are dispoed within the bud.

The . . . foliation must be in relation to the stem.
De Quincey.

3. The act of beating a metal into a thin plate, leaf, foil, or lamina.

4. The act of coating with an amalgam of tin foil and quicksilver, as in making looking-glasses.

5. (Arch.) The enrichment of an opening by means of foils, arranged in trefoils, quatrefoils, etc.; also, one of the ornaments. See Tracery.

6. (Geol.) The property, possessed by some crystalline rocks, of dividing into plates or slabs, which is due to the cleavage structure of one of the constituents, as mica or hornblende. It may sometimes include slaty structure or cleavage, though the latter is usually independent of any mineral constituent, and transverse to the bedding, it having been produced by pressure.

(Fo"li*a*ture) n. [L. foliatura foliage.]

1. Foliage; leafage. [Obs.] Shuckford.

2. The state of being beaten into foil. Johnson.

(Fo"li*er) n. Goldsmith's foil. [R.] Sprat.

(Fo*lif"er*ous) a. [L. folium leaf+ -ferous: cf. F. foliifère.] Producing leaves. [Written also foliiferous.]

(Fol"i*ly) a. Foolishly. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Fol"io) n.; pl. Folios [Ablative of L. folium leaf. See 4th Foil.]

1. A leaf of a book or manuscript.

(Fo"li*ate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Foliated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Foliating ]

1. To beat into a leaf, or thin plate. Bacon.

2. To spread over with a thin coat of tin and quicksilver; as, to foliate a looking-glass.

(Fo"li*a`ted) a.

1. Having leaves, or leaflike projections; as, a foliated shell.

2. (Arch.) Containing, or consisting of, foils; as, a foliated arch.

3. (Min.) Characterized by being separable into thin plates or folia; as, graphite has a foliated structure.

4. (Geol.) Laminated, but restricted to the variety of laminated structure found in crystalline schist, as mica schist, etc.; schistose.

5. Spread over with an amalgam of tin and quicksilver.

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