To explain away, to get rid of by explanation. "Those explain the meaning quite away." Pope.

Syn. — To expound; interpret; elucidate; clear up.

(Ex*plain"), v. i. To give an explanation.

(Ex*plain"a*ble) a. [L. explainabilis.] Capable of being explained or made plain to the understanding; capable of being interpreted. Sir. T. Browne.

(Ex*plain"er) n. One who explains; an expounder or expositor; a commentator; an interpreter.

(Ex"pla*nate), a. [L. explanatus, p. p. of explanare. See Explain.] (Bot. & Zoöl.) Spreading or extending outwardly in a flat form.

(Ex`pla*na"tion) n. [L. explanatio: cf. OF. esplanation.]

1. The act of explaining, expounding, or interpreting; the act of clearing from obscurity and making intelligible; as, the explanation of a passage in Scripture, or of a contract or treaty.

2. That which explains or makes clear; as, a satisfactory explanation.

3. The meaning attributed to anything by one who explains it; definition; interpretation; sense.

Different explanations [of the Trinity].
Bp. Burnet.

4. A mutual exposition of terms, meaning, or motives, with a view to adjust a misunderstanding, and reconcile differences; reconciliation; agreement; as, to come to an explanation.

Expiry to Export

(Ex"pi*ry) n. Expiration.

He had to leave at the expiry of the term.

The Parliament . . . now approaching the expiry of its legal term.
J. Morley.

(Ex*pis"cate) v. t. [L. expiscatus, p. p. of expiscari to fish out; ex out+piscari to fish, piscis fish.] To fish out; to find out by skill or laborious investigation; to search out. "To expiscate principles." [R.] Nichol.

Dr. Burton has with much ingenuity endeavored to expiscate the truth which may be involved in them.
W. L. Alexander.

(Ex`pis*ca"tion) n. The act of expiscating; a fishing. [R.] Chapman.

(Ex*pis"ca*to*ry) a. Tending to fish out; searching out [R.] Carlyle.

(Ex*plain") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Explained(- pland"); p. pr. & vb. n. Explaining.] [L. explandare to flatten, spread out, explain; ex out + plandare to make level or plain, planus plain: cf. OF. esplaner, explaner. See Plain,a., and cf. Esplanade.]

1. To flatten; to spread out; to unfold; to expand. [Obs.]

The horse-chestnut is . . . ready to explain its leaf.

2. To make plain, manifest, or intelligible; to clear of obscurity; to expound; to unfold and illustrate the meaning of; as, to explain a chapter of the Bible.

Commentators to explain the difficult passages to you.

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