Encephaloid cancer(Med.), a very malignant form of cancer of brainlike consistency. See under Cancer.

(En*ceph"a*loid), n. An encephaloid cancer.

(En*ceph`a*lol"o*gy) n. [Gr. 'egke`falos the brain + -logy.] The science which treats of the brain, its structure and functions.

(En*ceph"a*lon) n. [NL. See Encephalos.] (Anat.) The contents of the cranium; the brain.

(En*ceph`a*lop"a*thy) n. [Gr. 'egke`falos the brain + pa`schein, paqei^n, to suffer.] (Med.) Any disease or symptoms of disease referable to disorders of the brain; as, lead encephalopathy, the cerebral symptoms attending chronic lead poisoning.

(En*ceph"a*los) n. [NL., fr. Gr. 'egke`falos; 'en in + kefalh` head.] (Anat.) The encephalon.

In man the encephalos reaches its full size about seven years of age.
Sir W. Hamilton.

(En*ceph`a*lot"o*my) n. [Gr. 'egke`falos the brain + a cutting.] (Surg.) The act or art of dissecting the brain.

(En*ceph"a*lous) a. (Zoöl.) Having a head; — said of most Mollusca; — opposed to acephalous.

(En*chafe") v. t. To chafe; to enrage; to heat. [Obs.] Shak.

(En*chaf"ing), n. Heating; burning. [Obs.]

The wicked enchaufing or ardure of this sin [lust].

(En*chain") v. t. [F. enchaîner; pref. en- (L. in) chaîne chain. See Chain, and cf. Incatenation.]

1. To bind with a chain; to hold in chains.

2. To hold fast; to confine; as, to enchain attention.

2. The area or town inclosed by a line of fortification.

The suburbs are not unfrequently larger than their enceinte.
S. W. Williams.

(||En`ceinte"), a. [F., fr. L. in not + cinctus, p. p. of cingere to gird about.] Pregnant; with child.

(||En*ce"ni*a) n. pl. [LL. encaenia, fr. Gr. a feast of dedication; in + new.] A festival commemorative of the founding of a city or the consecration of a church; also, the ceremonies (as at Oxford and Cambridge, England) commemorative of founders or benefactors.

(En*cense") v. t. & i. [F. encenser, fr. encens. See Incense, n.] To offer incense to or upon; to burn incense. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(En`ce*phal"ic) a. [See Encephalon.] (Anat.) Pertaining to the encephalon or brain.

(En*ceph`a*li"tis) n. [NL., from Gr. 'egke`falos the brain + -itis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the brain.En`ceph*a*lit"ic a.

(En*ceph"a*lo*cele) n. [Gr. 'egke`falos the brain + kh`lh tumor.] (Med.) Hernia of the brain.

(En*ceph"a*loid) a. [Gr. 'egke`falos + -oid.] Resembling the material of the brain; cerebriform.

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