Chafing dish, a dish or vessel for cooking on the table, or for keeping food warm, either by coals, by a lamp, or by hot water; a portable grate for coals.Chafing gear(Naut.), any material used to protect sails, rigging, or the like, at points where they are exposed to friction.

(Cha*green") n. See Shagreen.

(Cha*grin") n. [F., fr. chagrin shagreen, a particular kind of rough and grained leather; also a rough fishskin used for graters and files; hence a gnawing, corroding grief. See Shagreen.] Vexation; mortification.

I must own that I felt rather vexation and chagrin than hope and satisfaction.
Richard Porson.

Hear me, and touch Belinda with chagrin.

Syn. — Vexation; mortification; peevishness; fretfulness; disgust; disquiet. Chagrin, Vexation, Mortification. These words agree in the general sense of pain produced by untoward circumstances. Vexation is a feeling of disquietude or irritating uneasiness from numerous causes, such as losses, disappointments, etc. Mortification is a stronger word, and denotes that keen sense of pain which results from wounded pride or humiliating occurrences. Chagrin is literally the cutting pain produced by the friction of Shagreen leather; in its figurative sense, it varies in meaning, denoting in its lower degrees simply a state of vexation, and its higher degrees the keenest sense of mortification.

"Vexation arises chiefly from our wishes and views being crossed: mortification, from our self-importance being hurt; chagrin, from a mixture of the two." Crabb.

(Cha*grin"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Chagrined ; p. pr. & vb. n. Chargrining.] [Cf. F. chagriner See Chagrin, n.] To excite ill-humor in; to vex; to mortify; as, he was not a little chagrined.

(Cha*grin"), v. i. To be vexed or annoyed. Fielding.

(Cha*grin"), a. Chagrined. Dryden.

(Chain) n. [F. chaîne, fr. L. catena. Cf. Catenate.]

1. A series of links or rings, usually of metal, connected, or fitted into one another, used for various purposes, as of support, of restraint, of ornament, of the exertion and transmission of mechanical power, etc.

[They] put a chain of gold about his neck.
Dan. v. 29.

2. That which confines, fetters, or secures, as a chain; a bond; as, the chains of habit.

Driven down
To chains of darkness and the undying worm.

Chaffy to Chalk

(Chaff"y) a.

1. Abounding in, or resembling, chaff.

Chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail.

2. Light or worthless as chaff.

Slight and chaffy opinion.

3. (Bot.) (a) Resembling chaff; composed of light dry scales. (b) Bearing or covered with dry scales, as the under surface of certain ferns, or the disk of some composite flowers.

(Chaf"ing) n. [See Chafe, v. t.] The act of rubbing, or wearing by friction; making by rubbing.

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