Electro-tint to Elementary

(E*lec"tro-tint`) n. (Fine Arts) A style of engraving in relief by means of voltaic electricity. A picture is drawn on a metallic plate with some material which resists the fluids of a battery; so that, in electro- typing, the parts not covered by the varnish, etc., receive a deposition of metal, and produce the required copy in intaglio. A cast of this is then the plate for printing.

(E*lec`tro*ton"ic) a.

1. (Physics) Of or pertaining to electrical tension; — said of a supposed peculiar condition of a conducting circuit during its exposure to the action of another conducting circuit traversed by a uniform electric current when both circuits remain stationary. Faraday.

2. (Physiol.) Relating to electrotonus; as, the electrotonic condition of a nerve.

(E`lec*trot"o*nize) v. t. (Physiol.) To cause or produce electrotonus.

(E`lec*trot"o*nous) a. Electrotonic.

(||E`lec*trot"o*nus) n. [NL., fr. combining form electro- + Gr. tension.] (Physiol.) The modified condition of a nerve, when a constant current of electricity passes through any part of it. See Anelectrotonus, and Catelectrotonus.

(E*lec"tro*type) n. [Electro- + -type.] A facsimile plate made by electrotypy for use in printing; also, an impression or print from such plate. Also used adjectively.

The face of an electrotype consists of a shell of copper, silver, or the like, produced by the action of an electrical current upon a plate of metal and a wax mold suspended in an acid bath and connected with opposite poles of the battery. It is backed up with a solid filling of type metal.

(E*lec"tro*type), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Electrotyped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Electrotyping ] To make facsimile plates of by the electrotype process; as, to electrotype a page of type, a book, etc. See Electrotype, n.

(E*lec"tro*ty`per) n. One who electrotypes.

(E*lec`tro*typ"ic) a. Pertaining to, or effected by means of, electrotypy.

(E*lec"tro*ty`ping) n. The act or the process of making electrotypes.

(E*lec"tro*ty`py) n. The process of producing electrotype plates. See Note under Electrotype, n.

(E*lec`tro-vi"tal) a. Derived from, or dependent upon, vital processes; — said of certain electric currents supposed by some physiologists to circulate in the nerves of animals.

(E*lec`tro-vi"tal*ism) n. (Physiol.) The theory that the functions of living organisms are dependent upon electricity or a kindred force.

(E*lec"trum) n. [L., fr. Gr. . See Electric, and cf. Electre, Electron.]

1. Amber.

2. An alloy of gold and silver, of an amber color, used by the ancients.

3. German-silver plate. See German silver, under German.

(E*lec"tu*a*ry) n.; pl. Electuaries [OE. letuaire, OF. lettuaire, electuaire, F. électuaire, L. electuarium, electarium. prob. fr. Gr. a medicine that is licked away, fr. Gr. to lick up; 'ek out +

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