. See Palace car, under Car.

(Drawl) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Drawled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Drawling.] [Prob. fr. draw: cf. D. dralen to linger, tarry, Icel. dralla to loiter. See Draw, and cf. Draggle.] To utter in a slow, lengthened tone.

(Drawl), v. i. To speak with slow and lingering utterance, from laziness, lack of spirit, affectation, etc.

Theologians and moralists . . . talk mostly in a drawling and dreaming way about it.

(Drawl), n. A lengthened, slow monotonous utterance.

(Draw"latch`) n. A housebreaker or thief. [Obs.] Old Play

(Drawl"ing) n. The act of speaking with a drawl; a drawl.Drawl"ing*ly, adv. Bacon.

(Draw"link`) n. Same as Drawbar (b).

(Draw"loom`) n.

1. A kind of loom used in weaving figured patterns; — called also drawboy.

2. A species of damask made on the drawloom.

(Drawn) p. p. & a. See Draw, v. t. & i.

Drawn butter, butter melter and prepared to be used as a sort of gravy.Drawn fowl, an eviscerated fowl.Drawn gameor battle, one in which neither party wins; one equally contested.Drawn fox, one driven from cover. Shak.Drawn work, ornamental work made by drawing out threads from fine cloth, and uniting the cross threads, to form a pattern.

(Draw"net`) n. A net for catching the larger sorts of birds; also, a dragnet. Crabb.

(Draw"plate`) n. A hardened steel plate having a hole, or a gradation of conical holes, through which wires are drawn to be reduced and elongated.

(Draw"rod`) n. (Railroad) A rod which unites the drawgear at opposite ends of the car, and bears the pull required to draw the train.

(Draw"shave`) n. See Drawing knife.

(Draw"spring`) n. (Railroad) The spring to which a drawbar is attached.

(Dray) n. A squirrel's nest. Cowper.

(Dray), n. [AS. dræge a dragnet, fr. dragan. . See Draw, and cf. 2d Drag, 1st Dredge.]

1. A strong low cart or carriage used for heavy burdens. Addison.

2. A kind of sledge or sled. Halliwell.

Dray cart, a dray.Dray horse, a heavy, strong horse used in drawing a dray.

(Dray"age) n.

1. Use of a dray.

Drawing-room car

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