Dravidian languages, a group of languages of Southern India, which seem to have been the idioms of the natives, before the invasion of tribes speaking Sanskrit. Of these languages, the Tamil is the most important.

(Draw) v. t. [imp. Drew (dr&udd); p. p. Drawn (dr&addn); p. pr. & vb. n. Drawing.] [OE. dra&yoghen, drahen, draien, drawen, AS. dragan; akin to Icel. & Sw. draga, Dan. drage to draw, carry, and prob. to OS. dragan to bear, carry, D. dragen, G. tragen, Goth. dragan; cf. Skr. dhraj to move along, glide; and perh. akin to Skr. dhar to hold, bear. &radic73. Cf. 2d Drag, Dray a cart, 1st Dredge.]

1. To cause to move continuously by force applied in advance of the thing moved; to pull along; to haul; to drag; to cause to follow.

He cast him down to ground, and all along
Drew him through dirt and mire without remorse.

He hastened to draw the stranger into a private room.
Sir W. Scott.

Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?
James ii. 6.

The arrow is now drawn to the head.

Draughtboard to Drawer

(Draught"board`) n. A checkered board on which draughts are played. See Checkerboard.

(Draught"house`) n. A house for the reception of waste matter; a privy. [Obs.] 2 Kings x. 27.

(Draughts) n. pl. A mild vesicatory. See Draught, n., 3 (c).

(Draughts), n. pl. A game, now more commonly called checkers. See Checkers.

Polish draughts is sometimes played with 40 pieces on a board divided into 100 squares. Am. Cyc.

(Draughts"man) n.; pl. Draughtsmen

1. One who draws pleadings or other writings.

2. One who draws plans and sketches of machinery, structures, and places; also, more generally, one who makes drawings of any kind.

3. A "man" or piece used in the game of draughts.

4. One who drinks drams; a tippler. [Obs.] Tatler.

(Draughts"man*ship), n. The office, art, or work of a draughtsman.

(Draught"y) a. Pertaining to a draught, or current of air; as, a draughtly, comfortless room.

(Drave) old imp. of Drive. [Obs.]

(Dra"vi*da) n. pl. [Skr. Dravi&dsdota, prob. meaning, Tamil.] (Ethnol.) A race of Hindostan, believed to be the original people who occupied the land before the Hindoo or Aryan invasion.

(Dra*vid"i*an) a. [From Skr. Dravi&dsdota, the name of the southern portion of the peninsula of India.] (Ethnol.) Of or pertaining to the Dravida.

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