Cutaway coat, a coat whose skirts are cut away in front so as not to meet at the bottom.

(Cutch) n. See Catechu.

(Cutch), n. (Zoöl.) See Cultch.

(Cutch"er*y) n. [Hind. kachahri.] A hindoo hall of justice. Malcom.

(Cute) a. [An abbrev. of acute.] Clever; sharp; shrewd; ingenious; cunning. [Colloq.]

(Cute"ness), n. Acuteness; cunning. [Colloq.]

(Cut"grass`) A grass with leaves having edges furnished with very minute hooked prickles, which form a cutting edge; one or more species of Leersia.

(Cu"ti*cle) n. [L. cuticula, dim. of cutis skin; akin to E. hide skin of an animal.]

1. (Anat.) The scarfskin or epidermis. See Skin.

2. (Bot.) The outermost skin or pellicle of a plant, found especially in leaves and young stems.

3. A thin skin formed on the surface of a liquid.

(Cu*tic"u*lar) a. Pertaining to the cuticle, or external coat of the skin; epidermal.

(Cu"tin) n. [L. cutis skin, outside.] (Bot.) The substance which, added to the material of a cell wall, makes it waterproof, as in cork.

(Cu`tin*i*za"tion) n. (Bot.) The conversion of cell walls into a material which repels water, as in cork.

(Cu"tin*ize) v. t. & i. To change into cutin.

(||Cu"tis) n. [L. See Cuticle.] (Anat.) See Dermis.

(Cut"lass) n.; pl. Cutlasses (- ez). [F. coutelas augm. fr. L. cultellus a small knife, dim. of culter knife. See Colter, and cf. Curtal ax.] A short, heavy, curving sword, used in the navy. See Curtal ax.

Cutlass fish, (Zoöl.), a peculiar, long, thin, marine fish (Trichiurus lepturus) of the southern United States and West Indies; — called also saber fish, silver eel, and, improperly, swordfish.

(Cut"ler) n. [OE. coteler, F. coutelier, LL. cultellarius, fr. L. cultellus. See Cutlass.] One who makes or deals in cutlery, or knives and other cutting instruments.

(Cut"ler*y) n.

1. The business of a cutler.

2. Edged or cutting instruments, collectively.

Cutaneous to Cyanide

(Cu*ta"ne*ous) a. [Cf. F. cutané, fr. L. cutis skin. See Cuticle.] Of or pertaining to the skin; existing on, or affecting, the skin; as, a cutaneous disease; cutaneous absorption; cutaneous respiration.

(Cut"a*way`) a. Having a part cut off or away; having the corners rounded or cut away.

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