Dermic remedies(Med.), such as act through the skin.

(||Der"mis) n. [NL. See Derm.] (Anat.) The deep sensitive layer of the skin beneath the scarfskin or epidermis; — called also true skin, derm, derma, corium, cutis, and enderon. See Skin, and Illust. in Appendix.

(||Der`mo*bran`chi*a"ta) n. pl. [NL.] (Zoöl.) A group of nudibranch mollusks without special gills.

(Der`mo*bran"chi*ate) a. [Derm + branchiate.] (Zoöl.) Having the skin modified to serve as a gill.

(Der`mo*hæ"mal) a. (Anat.) Pertaining to, or in relation with, both dermal and hæmal structures; as, the dermohæmal spines or ventral fin rays of fishes.

(Der"moid) a. [Derm + - oid: cf. F. dermoïde.] Same as Dermatoid.

Dermoid cyst(Med.), a cyst containing skin, or structures connected with skin, such as hair.

(Der*mat"o*phyte) (der*mat"o*fit or der"ma*to*fit), n. [Gr. de`rma, -atos, skin + fyto`n plant.] (Med.) A vegetable parasite, infesting the skin.
[1913 Webster]

(||Der*mes"tes) n. [NL., from Gr. dermhsth`s; de`rma skin + root of to eat.] (Zoöl.) A genus of coleopterous insects, the larvæ of which feed animal substances. They are very destructive to dries meats, skins, woolens, and furs. The most common species is D. lardarius, known as the bacon beetle.

(Der*mes"toid) a. [Dermestes + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Pertaining to or resembling the genus Dermestes.

The carpet beetle, called the buffalo moth, is a dermestoid beetle.
Pop. Sci. Monthly.

(Der"mic) a.

1. Relating to the derm or skin.

2. (Anat.) Pertaining to the dermis; dermal.

Underneath each nail the deep or dermic layer of the integument is peculiarly modified.

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