1. To cover with a coat or outer garment.

2. To cover with a layer of any substance; as, to coat a jar with tin foil; to coat a ceiling.

(Coat*ee") n. A coat with short flaps.

(Co*a"ti) (ko*ä"te or ko*a"ti), n. [From the native name: cf. F. coati.] (Zoöl.) A mammal of tropical America of the genus Nasua, allied to the raccoon, but with a longer body, tail, and nose.

The red coati called also coati mondi, inhabits Mexico and Central America. The brown coati (N. narica) is found in Surinam and Brazil.

(Coat"ing) n.

1. A coat or covering; a layer of any substance, as a cover or protection; as, the coating of a retort or vial.

2. Cloth for coats; as, an assortment of coatings.

(Coat"less) a. Not wearing a coat; also, not possessing a coat.

(Coax) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Coaxed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Coaxing.] [Cf. OE. cokes fool, a person easily imposed upon, W. coeg empty, foolish; F. coquin knave, rogue.] To persuade by gentle, insinuating courtesy, flattering, or fondling; to wheedle; to soothe.

Syn. — To wheedle; cajole; flatter; persuade; entice.

(Coax), n. A simpleton; a dupe. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

(Co`ax*a"tion) n. [Gr. the noise of frogs.] The act of croaking. [R] Dr. H. More.

(Coax"er) n. One who coaxes.

(Coax"ing*ly), adv. In a coaxing manner; by coaxing.

(Cob) n. [Cf. AS. cop, copp, head, top, D. kop, G. kopf, kuppe, LL. cuppa cup (cf. E. brainpan), and also W. cob tuft, spider, cop, copa, top, summit, cobio to thump. Cf. Cop top, Cup, n.]

1. The top or head of anything. [Obs.] W. Gifford.

2. A leader or chief; a conspicuous person, esp. a rich covetous person. [Obs.]

All cobbing country chuffs, which make their bellies and their bags their god, are called rich cobs.

3. The axis on which the kernels of maize or indian corn grow. [U. S.]

4. (Zoöl.) A spider; perhaps from its shape; it being round like a head.

5. (Zoöl.) A young herring. B. Jonson.

6. (Zoöl.) A fish; — also called miller's thumb.

7. A short-legged and stout horse, esp. one used for the saddle. [Eng.]

8. (Zoöl.) A sea mew or gull; esp., the black-backed gull [Written also cobb.]

9. A lump or piece of anything, usually of a somewhat large size, as of coal, or stone.

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