Copper finch. (Zoöl.) See Chaffinch.Copper glance, or Vitreous copper. (Min.) See Chalcocite.Indigo copper. (Min.) See Covelline.

(Cop"per), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Coppered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Coppering.] To cover or coat with copper; to sheathe with sheets of copper; as, to copper a ship.

(Cop"per*as) n. [OE. coperose, F. couperose, fr. (assumed?) L. cuprirosa, equiv. to G. cha`lkanqos, i. e. copper flower, vitriol. See Copper and Rose.] Green vitriol, or sulphate of iron; a green crystalline substance, of an astringent taste, used in making ink, in dyeing black, as a tonic in medicine, etc. It is made on a large scale by the oxidation of iron pyrites. Called also ferrous sulphate.

The term copperas was formerly synonymous with vitriol, and included the green, blue, and white vitriols, or the sulphates of iron, copper, and zinc.

(Cop"per-bot`tomed) a. Having a bottom made of copper, as a tin boiler or other vessel, or sheathed with copper, as a ship.

(Cop"per-faced`) a.Faced or covered with copper; as, copper-faced type.

(Cop"per-fas`tened) a.Fastened with copper bolts, as the planks of ships, etc.; as, a copper-fastened ship.

(Cop"per*head`) n. [From its color.]

1. (Zoöl.) A poisonous American serpent closely allied to the rattlesnake, but without rattles; — called also copper-belly, and red viper.

2. A nickname applied to a person in the Northern States who sympathized with the South during the Civil War. [U.S.]

(Cop"per*ing), n.

1. The act of covering with copper.

2. An envelope or covering of copper.

Copper is the only metal which occurs native abundantly in large masses; it is found also in various ores, of which the most important are chalcopyrite, chalcocite, cuprite, and malachite. Copper mixed with tin forms bell metal; with a smaller proportion, bronze; and with zinc, it forms brass, pinchbeck, and other alloys.

2. A coin made of copper; a penny, cent, or other minor coin of copper. [Colloq.]

My friends filled my pockets with coppers.

3. A vessel, especially a large boiler, made of copper.

4. pl. Specifically (Naut.), the boilers in the galley for cooking; as, a ship's coppers.

Copper is often used adjectively, commonly in the sense of made or consisting of copper, or resembling copper; as, a copper boiler, tube, etc.

All in a hot and copper sky.

It is sometimes written in combination; as, copperplate, coppersmith, copper- colored.

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