Chaldee Paraphrase, A targum written in Aramaic.

(Chal"drich Chal"der) n. [Icel. tjaldr.] (Zoöl.) A kind of bird; the oyster catcher.

(Chal"dron) n. [OF. chaldron, F. chaudron kettle. The same word as caldron.] An English dry measure, being, at London, 36 bushels heaped up, or its equivalent weight, and more than twice as much at Newcastle. Now used exclusively for coal and coke.

In the United States the chaldron is ordinarily 2,940 lbs, but at New York it is 2,500 lbs. De Colange.

(||Cha*let") n. [F.]

1. A herdsman's hut in the mountains of Switzerland.

Chalets are summer huts for the Swiss herdsmen.

2. A summer cottage or country house in the Swiss mountains; any country house built in the style of the Swiss cottages.

being carved into cameos, it is called onyx. Chrysoprase is green chalcedony; carnelian, a flesh red, and sard, a brownish red variety.

(||Chal`chi*huitl") n. (Min.) The Mexican name for turquoise. See Turquoise.

Chalcid fly
(Chal"cid fly`) [From Gr. chalko`s copper; in allusion to its metallic colors.] (Zoöl.) One of a numerous family of hymenopterous insects (Chalcididæ. Many are gallflies, others are parasitic on insects.

(Chal*cid"i*an) n. [L. chalcis a lizard, Gr. chalki`s.] (Zoöl.) One of a tropical family of snakelike lizards having four small or rudimentary legs.

(Chal"co*cite) n. [Gr. chalko`s brass.] (Min.) Native copper sulphide, called also copper glance, and vitreous copper; a mineral of a black color and metallic luster. [Formerly written chalcosine.]

(Chal*cog"ra*pher Chal*cog"ra*phist) n. An engraver on copper or brass; hence, an engraver of copper plates for printing upon paper.

(Chal*cog"ra*phy) n. [Gr. chalko`s copper, brass + -graphy.] The act or art of engraving on copper or brass, especially of engraving for printing.

(Chal`co*pyr"ite) n. [Gr. chalko`s brass + E. pyrite. So named from its color.] (Min.) Copper pyrites, or yellow copper ore; a common ore of copper, containing copper, iron, and sulphur. It occurs massive and in tetragonal crystals of a bright brass yellow color.

(Chal*da"ic) a. [L. Chaldaicus.] Of or pertaining to Chaldea.n. The language or dialect of the Chaldeans; Chaldee.

(Chal"da*ism) n. An idiom or peculiarity in the Chaldee dialect.

(Chal*de"an) a. [L. Chaldaeus.] Of or pertaining to Chaldea.n. (a) A native or inhabitant of Chaldea. (b) A learned man, esp. an astrologer; — so called among the Eastern nations, because astrology and the kindred arts were much cultivated by the Chaldeans. (c) Nestorian.

(Chal"dee) a. Of or pertaining to Chaldea.n. The language or dialect of the Chaldeans; eastern Aramaic, or the Aramaic used in Chaldea.

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