Circumferential to Circumstantially

(Cir*cum`fer*en"tial) a. [LL. circumferentialis.] Pertaining to the circumference; encompassing; encircling; circuitous. Parkhurst.

(Cir*cum`fer*en"tial*ly) adv. So as to surround or encircle.

(Cir*cum`fer*en"tor) n. [See Circumfer.]

1. A surveying instrument, for taking horizontal angles and bearings; a surveyor's compass. It consists of a compass whose needle plays over a circle graduated to 360°, and of a horizontal brass bar at the ends of which are standards with narrow slits for sighting, supported on a tripod by a ball and socket joint.

2. A graduated wheel for measuring tires; a tire circle.

(Cir"cum*flant) a. [L. circumflans, p. pr. of circumflare.] Blowing around. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(Cir"cum*flect) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Circumflected; p. pr. & vb. n. Circumflecting.] [L. circumflectere. See Circumflex.]

1. To bend around.

2. To mark with the circumflex accent, as a vowel. [R.]

(Cir`cum*flec"tion) n. See Circumflexion.

(Cir"cum*flex) n. [L. circumflexus a bending round, fr. circumflectere, circumflexum, to bend or turn about; circum + flectere to bend. See Flexible.]

1. A wave of the voice embracing both a rise and fall or a fall and a rise on the same a syllable. Walker.

2. A character, or accent, denoting in Greek a rise and of the voice on the same long syllable, marked thus [~ or ]; and in Latin and some other languages, denoting a long and contracted syllable, marked [ or ^]. See Accent, n., 2.

(Cir"cum*flex), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Circumflexed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Circumflexing ] To mark or pronounce with a circumflex. Walker.

(Cir"cum*flex), a. [Cf. L. circumflexus, p. p.]

1. Moving or turning round; circuitous. [R.] Swift.

2. (Anat.) Curved circularly; — applied to several arteries of the hip and thigh, to arteries, veins, and a nerve of the shoulder, and to other parts.

(Cir`cum*flex"ion) n.

1. The act of bending, or causing to assume a curved form.

2. A winding about; a turning; a circuity; a fold.

(Cir*cum"flu*ence) n. A flowing round on all sides; an inclosing with a fluid.

(Cir*cum"flu*ent Cir*cum"flu*ous) a. [L. circumfluere, p. pr. of circumfluere; circum + fluere to flow; also L. circumfluus.] Flowing round; surrounding in the manner of a fluid. "The deep, circumfluent waves." Pope.

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