Hills of circumdenudation, hills which have been produced by surface erosion; the elevations which have been left, after denudation of a mass of high ground. Jukes.

(Cir`cum*duce") v. t. [See Circumduct.] (Scots Law) To declare elapsed, as the time allowed for introducing evidence. Sir W. Scott.

(Cir`cum*duct") v. t. [L. circumductus, p. p. of circumducere to lead around; circum + ducere to lead.]

1. To lead about; to lead astray. [R.]

2. (Law) To contravene; to nullify; as, to circumduct acts of judicature. [Obs.] Ayliffe.

(Cir`cum*duc"tion) n. [L. circumductio.]

1. A leading about; circumlocution. [R.] Hooker.

2. An annulling; cancellation. [R.] Ayliffe.

3. (Physiol.) The rotation of a limb round an imaginary axis, so as to describe a conical surface.

(Cir`cum*e*soph"a*gal) a. [Pref. circum- + esophagal.] (Anat.) Surrounding the esophagus; — in Zoöl. said of the nerve commissures and ganglia of arthropods and mollusks.

(Cir`cum*e`so*phag"e*al) a. (Anat.) Circumesophagal.

(Cir"cum*fer) v. t. [L. circumferre; circum- + ferre to bear. See 1st Bear.] To bear or carry round. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Cir*cum"fer*ence) n. [L. circumferentia.]

1. The line that goes round or encompasses a circular figure; a periphery. Millon.

2. A circle; anything circular.

His ponderous shield . . .
Behind him cast. The broad circumference
Hung on his shoulders like the moon.

3. The external surface of a sphere, or of any orbicular body.

(Cir*cum"fer*ence), v. t. To include in a circular space; to bound. [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.

The circumcision of males is practiced as a religious rite by the Jews, Mohammedans, etc.

2. (Script.) (a) The Jews, as a circumcised people. (b) Rejection of the sins of the flesh; spiritual purification, and acceptance of the Christian faith.

(Cir`cum*clu"sion) n. [L. circumcludere, -clusum, to inclose.] Act of inclosing on all sides. [R.]

(Cir`cum*cur*sa"tion) n. [L. circumcursare, -satum, to run round about.] The act of running about; also, rambling language. [Obs.] Barrow.

(Cir`cum*den`u*da"tion) n. [Pref. circum- + denudation.] (Geol.) Denudation around or in the neighborhood of an object.

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