(Chit) n. [Cf. AS. cið shoot, sprig, from the same root as cinan to yawn. See Chink a cleft.]

1. The embryo or the growing bud of a plant; a shoot; a sprout; as, the chits of Indian corn or of potatoes.

2. A child or babe; as, a forward chit; also, a young, small, or insignificant person or animal.

A little chit of a woman.

3. An excrescence on the body, as a wart. [Obs.]

4. A small tool used in cleaving laths. Knight.

(Chit), v. i. To shoot out; to sprout.

I have known barley chit in seven hours after it had been thrown forth.

(Chit), 3d sing. of Chide. Chideth. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Chit"chat) n. [From Chat, by way of reduplication.] Familiar or trifling talk; prattle.

(Chi"tin) n. [See Chiton.] (Chem.) A white amorphous horny substance forming the harder part of the outer integument of insects, crustacea, and various other invertebrates; entomolin.

(Chi`ti*ni*za"tion) n. The process of becoming chitinous.

(Chi"ti*nous) a. Having the nature of chitin; consisting of, or containing, chitin.

(||Chi"ton) n. [Gr. a chiton ]

1. An under garment among the ancient Greeks, nearly representing the modern shirt.

2. (Zoöl.) One of a group of gastropod mollusks, with a shell composed of eight movable dorsal plates. See Polyplacophora.

(Chit"ter) v. i. [Cf. Chatter.]

1. To chirp in a tremulous manner, as a bird. [Obs.] Chaucer.

2. To shiver or chatter with cold. [Scot.] Burns.

(Chit"ter*ling) n. The frill to the breast of a shirt, which when ironed out resembled the small entrails. See Chitterlings. [Obs.] Gascoigne.

(Chit"ter*lings) n. pl. [Cf. AS. cwiþ womb, Icel. kvið, Goth. qiþus, belly, womb, stomach, G. kutteln chitterlings.] (Cookery) The smaller intestines of swine, etc., fried for food.

(||Chit"tra) n. [Native Indian name.] (Zoöl.) The axis deer of India.

(Chit"ty) a.

1. Full of chits or sprouts.

2. Childish; like a babe. [Obs.]

(Chiv"a*chie`) n. [OF. chevauchie, chevauchée; of the same origin as E. cavalcade.] A cavalry raid; hence, a military expedition. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Chiv"al*ric) a. [See Chivalry.] Relating to chivalry; knightly; chivalrous.

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