Chicken cholera, a contagious disease of fowls; — so called because first studied during the prevalence of a cholera epidemic in France. It has no resemblance to true cholera.

(Chick"en-breast`ed) a. Having a narrow, projecting chest, caused by forward curvature of the vertebral column.

(Chick"en-heart`ed) a. Timid; fearful; cowardly. Bunyan.

Chicken pox
(Chick"en pox") (Med.) A mild, eruptive disease, generally attacking children only; varicella.

(Chick"ling) n. [Chick + -ling.] A small chick or chicken.

(Chick"-pea`) n. [See Chich.]

1. (Bot.) A Small leguminous plant (Cicer arietinum) of Asia, Africa, and the south of Europe; the chich; the dwarf pea; the gram.

2. Its nutritious seed, used in cookery, and especially, when roasted as food for travelers in the Eastern deserts.

(Chick"weed`) n. (Bot.) The name of several caryophyllaceous weeds, especially Stellaria media, the seeds and flower buds of which are a favorite food of small birds.

(Chick"y) n. A chicken; — used as a diminutive or pet name, especially in calling fowls.

(Chic"o*ry) n. [F. chicorée, earlier also cichorée, L. cichorium, fr. Gr. , , Cf. Succory.]

1. (Bot.) A branching perennial plant (Cichorium Intybus) with bright blue flowers, growing wild in Europe, Asia, and America; also cultivated for its roots and as a salad plant; succory; wild endive. See Endive.

2. The root, which is roasted for mixing with coffee.

(Chide) v. t. [imp. Chid or Chode (chid Obs.); p. p. Chidden Chid; p. pr. & vb. n. Chiding.] [AS. cidan; of unknown origin.]

1. To rebuke; to reprove; to scold; to find fault with.

Upbraided, chid, and rated at.

(Chick"a*dee`) n. (Zoöl.) A small bird, the blackcap titmouse of North America; — named from its note.

(Chick"a*ree`) n. (Zoöl.) The American red squirrel (Sciurus Hudsonius); — so called from its cry.

(Chick"a*saws) n. pl.; sing. Chickasaw. (Ethnol.) A tribe of North American Indians (Southern Appalachian) allied to the Choctaws. They formerly occupied the northern part of Alabama and Mississippi, but now live in the Indian Territory.

(Chick"en) n. [AS. cicen, cyceun, dim. of coc cock; akin to LG. kiken, küken, D. Kieken, kuiken, G. küchkein. See Cock the animal.]

1. A young bird or fowl, esp. a young barnyard fowl.

2. A young person; a child; esp. a young woman; a maiden. "Stella is no chicken." Swift.

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