Cessation of arms(Mil.), an armistice, or truce, agreed to by the commanders of armies, to give time for a capitulation, or for other purposes.

Syn. — Stop; rest; stay; pause; discontinuance; intermission; interval; respite; interruption; recess; remission.

(Cer"vine) a. [L. cervinus, fr. cervus deer: cf. F. cervin.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the deer, or to the family Cervidæ.

(||Cer"vix) n.; pl. E. Cervixes L. Cervices [L.] (Anat.) The neck; also, the necklike portion of any part, as of the womb. See Illust. of Bird.

(||Cer"vus) n. [L., a deer.] (Zoöl.) A genus of ruminants, including the red deer and other allied species.

Formerly all species of deer were included in the genus Cervus.

(Ce"ryl) n. [L. cera wax + -yl.] (Chem.) A radical, C27H55 supposed to exist in several compounds obtained from Chinese wax, beeswax, etc.

(Ce*sa"re*an Ce*sa"ri*an), a. Same as Cæsarean, Cæsarian.

(Ce"sar*ism) n. See Cæsarism.

(Ces"pi*tine) n. [L. caespes, caespitis, a turf.] An oil obtained by distillation of peat, and containing various members of the pyridine series.

(Ces"pi*ti`tious) a. [L. caespiticius, fr. caespes turf.] Same as Cespitious. [R.] Gough.

(Ces"pi*tose`) a. [L. caespes turf.] (Bot.) Having the form a piece of turf, i. e., many stems from one rootstock or from many entangled rootstocks or roots. [Written also cæspitose.]

(Ces"pi*tous) a. [See Cespitose.] Pertaining to, consisting, of resembling, turf; turfy.

A cespitous or turfy plant has many stems from the same root, usually forming a close, thick carpet of matting.

(Cess) n. [For sess, conts. from Assess.]

1. A rate or tax. [Obs. or Prof. Eng. & Scot.] Spenser.

2. Bound; measure. [Obs.]

The poor jade is wrung in the withers out of all cess.

(Cess), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cessed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Cessing.] To rate; to tax; to assess. Spenser.

(Cess), v. i. [F. cesser. See Cease.] To cease; to neglect. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Ces"sant) a. [L. cessans, p. pr. of cessare. See Cease.] Inactive; dormant [Obs.] W. Montagu.

(Ces*sa"tion) n. [F. cessation, L. cessatio, fr. cessare. See Cease.] A ceasing or discontinuance, as of action, whether temporary or final; a stop; as, a cessation of the war.

The temporary cessation of the papal iniquities.

The day was yearly observed for a festival by cessation from labor.
Sir J. Hayward.

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