Arabian bird, the phenix.Bird of Jove, the eagle.Bird of Juno, the peacock.Bird louse (Zoöl.), a wingless insect of the group Mallophaga, of which the genera and species are very numerous and mostly parasitic upon birds. — Bird mite (Zoöl.), a small mite (genera Dermanyssus, Dermaleichus and allies) parasitic upon birds. The species are numerous.Bird of passage, a migratory bird. Bird spider(Zoöl.), a very large South American spider It is said sometimes to capture and kill small birds.Bird tick(Zoöl.), a dipterous insect parasitic upon birds usually winged.

(Bird) v. i.

1. To catch or shoot birds.

2. Hence: To seek for game or plunder; to thieve. [R.] B. Jonson.

(Bird"bolt`) n. A short blunt arrow for killing birds without piercing them. Hence: Anything which smites without penetrating. Shak.

Bird cage
(Bird" cage", or Bird"cage`) n. A cage for confining birds.

(Bird"call`) n.

1. A sound made in imitation of the note or cry of a bird for the purpose of decoying the bird or its mate.

2. An instrument of any kind, as a whistle, used in making the sound of a birdcall.

(Bird"catch`er) n. One whose employment it is to catch birds; a fowler.

(Bird"catch`ing), n. The art, act, or occupation or catching birds or wild fowls.

Bird cherry
(Bird" cher`ry) (Bot.) A shrub (Prunus Padus ) found in Northern and Central Europe. It bears small black cherries.

(Bird"er) n. A birdcatcher.

(Bird"-eyed`) a. Quick-sighted; catching a glance as one goes.

Bird fancier
(Bird" fan`ci*er)

(Birch"en) a. Of or relating to birch.

He passed where Newark's stately tower
Looks out from Yarrow's birchen bower.
Sir W. Scott.

(Bird) n. [OE. brid, bred, bird, young bird, bird, AS. bridd young bird. &radic92.]

1. Orig., a chicken; the young of a fowl; a young eaglet; a nestling; and hence, a feathered flying animal (see 2).

That ungentle gull, the cuckoo's bird.

The brydds [birds] of the aier have nestes.

2. (Zoöl.) A warm-blooded, feathered vertebrate provided with wings. See Aves.

3. Specifically, among sportsmen, a game bird.

4. Fig.: A girl; a maiden.

And by my word! the bonny bird
In danger shall not tarry.

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