Carbureted hydrogen gas, any one of several gaseous compounds of carbon and hydrogen, some of with make up illuminating gas.Light carbureted hydrogen, marsh gas, CH4; fire damp.

Carboy to Carding

(Car"boy) n. [Cf. Ir. & Gael carb basket; or Pers qurabah a sort of bottle.] A large, globular glass bottle, esp. one of green glass, inclosed in basket work or in a box, for protection; — used commonly for carrying corrosive liquids; as sulphuric acid, etc.

(Car"bun*cle) n. [L. carbunculus a little coal, a bright kind of precious stone, a kind of tumor, dim. of carbo coal: cf. F. carboncle. See Carbon.]

1. (Min.) A beautiful gem of a deep red color (with a mixture of scarlet) called by the Greeks anthrax; found in the East Indies. When held up to the sun, it loses its deep tinge, and becomes of the color of burning coal. The name belongs for the most part to ruby sapphire, though it has been also given to red spinel and garnet.

2. (Med.) A very painful acute local inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, esp. of the trunk or back of the neck, characterized by brawny hardness of the affected parts, sloughing of the skin and deeper tissues, and marked constitutional depression. It differs from a boil in size, tendency to spread, and the absence of a central core, and is frequently fatal. It is also called anthrax.

3. (Her.) A charge or bearing supposed to represent the precious stone. It has eight scepters or staves radiating from a common center. Called also escarbuncle.

(Car"bun*cled) a.

1. Set with carbuncles.

He has deserves it [armor], were it carbuncled
Like holy Phabus' car.

2. Affected with a carbuncle or carbuncles; marked with red sores; pimpled and blotched. "A carbuncled face." Brome.

(Car*bun"cu*lar) a. Belonging to a carbuncle; resembling a carbuncle; red; inflamed.

(Car*bun`cu*la"tion) n. [L. carbunculatio.] The blasting of the young buds of trees or plants, by excessive heat or cold. Harris.

(Car"bu*ret) n. [From Carbon.] (Chem.) A carbide. See Carbide [Archaic]

(Car"bu*ret), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Carbureted or Carburetted ; p. pr. & vb. n. Carbureting or Carburetting.] To combine or to impregnate with carbon, as by passing through or over a liquid hydrocarbon; to carbonize or carburize.

By carbureting the gas you may use poorer coal.

(Car"bu*ret`ant) n. Any volatile liquid used in charging illuminating gases.

(Car"bu*ret`ed) a.

1. (Chem.) Combined with carbon in the manner of a carburet or carbide.

2. Saturated or impregnated with some volatile carbon compound; as, water gas is carbureted to increase its illuminating power.

[Written also carburetted.]

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