Canary grass, a grass of the genus Phalaris producing the seed used as food for canary birds. Canary stone(Min.), a yellow species of carnelian, named from its resemblance in color to the plumage of the canary bird.Canary wood, the beautiful wood of the trees Persea Indica and P. Canariensis, natives of Madeira and the Canary Islands.Canary vine. See Canary bird flower, under Canary bird.

(Ca*na"ry), n.; pl. Canaries

1. Wine made in the Canary Islands; sack. "A cup of canary." Shak.

2. A canary bird.

3. A pale yellow color, like that of a canary bird.

4. A quick and lively dance. [Obs.]

Make you dance canary
With sprightly fire and motion.

(Ca*na"ry) v. i. To perform the canary dance; to move nimbly; to caper. [Obs.]

But to jig of a tune at the tongue's end, canary to it with your feet.

Canary bird
(Ca*na"ry bird`) (Zoöl.) A small singing bird of the Finch family a native of the Canary Islands. It was brought to Europe in the 16th century, and made a household pet. It generally has a yellowish body with the wings and tail greenish, but in its wild state it is more frequently of gray or brown color. It is sometimes called canary finch.

Canary bird flower(Bot.), a climbing plant (Tropæolum peregrinum) with canary- colored flowers of peculiar form; — called also canary vine.

(Ca*nas"ter) n. [Sp. canasta, canastro, basket, fr. L. canistrum. See Canister.] A kind of tobacco for smoking, made of the dried leaves, coarsely broken; — so called from the rush baskets in which it is packed in South America. McElrath.

Can buoy
(Can" buoy`) See under Buoy, n.

(||Can"can) n. [F.] A rollicking French dance, accompanied by indecorous or extravagant postures and gestures.

(Can"cel) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Canceled or Cancelled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Canceling or Cancelling.] [L. cancellare to make like a lattice, to strike or cross out (cf. Fr. canceller, OF. canceler) fr. cancelli lattice, crossbars, dim. of cancer lattice; cf. Gr. latticed gate. Cf. Chancel.]

(Ca*nard") n. [F., properly, a duck.] An extravagant or absurd report or story; a fabricated sensational report or statement; esp. one set afloat in the newspapers to hoax the public.

(Can`a*rese") a. Pertaining to Canara, a district of British India.

(Ca*na"ry) a. [F. Canarie, L. Canaria insula one of the Canary islands, said to be so called from its large dogs, fr. canis dog.]

1. Of or pertaining to the Canary Islands; as, canary wine; canary birds.

2. Of a pale yellowish color; as, Canary stone.

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