(Ca*lig"i*nous) a. [L. caliginosus; cf. F. caligineux.] Affected with darkness or dimness; dark; obscure. [R.] Blount.

The caliginous regions of the air.

Ca*lig"i*nous*ly, adv.Ca*lig"i*nous*ness, n.

(||Ca*li"go) n. [L., darkness.] (Med.) Dimness or obscurity of sight, dependent upon a speck on the cornea; also, the speck itself.

(Cal`i*graph"ic) a. See Calligraphic.

(Ca*lig"ra*phy) n. See Caligraphy.

(||Ca"lin) n. [F., fr. Malay kelany tin, or fr. Kala'a, a town in India, fr. which it came.] An alloy of lead and tin, of which the Chinese make tea canisters.

(Cal`i*pash") n. [F. carapace, Sp. carapacho. Cf Calarash, Carapace.] A part of a turtle which is next to the upper shell. It contains a fatty and gelatinous substance of a dull greenish tinge, much esteemed as a delicacy in preparations of turtle.

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