||En caracole[F.], spiral; — said of a staircase.

(Car"a*cole) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Caracoled ] [Cf. F. caracoler.] (Man.) To move in a caracole, or in caracoles; to wheel.

Prince John caracoled within the lists.
Sir W. Scott.

(Car"a*col`y) n. An alloy of gold, silver, and copper, of which an inferior quality of jewelry is made.

(Car"a*core Car"a*co`ra) , n. [Malay kurakura.] A light vessel or proa used by the people of Borneo, etc., and by the Dutch in the East Indies.

(||Ca*rafe") n. [F.] A glass water bottle for the table or toilet; — called also croft.

(Car"a*geen` or Car"a*gheen`) n. See Carrageen.

(Ca`ram*bo"la) n. (Bot.) An East Indian tree and its acid, juicy fruit; called also Coromandel gooseberry.

(Car"a*mel) n. [F. caramel LL. canna mellis, cannamella, canamella, calamellus mellitus, sugar cane, from or confused with L. canna reed + mel, mellis, honey. See Cane.]

1. (Chem.) Burnt sugar; a brown or black porous substance obtained by heating sugar. It is soluble in water, and is used for coloring spirits, gravies, etc.

2. A kind of confectionery, usually a small cube or square of tenacious paste, or candy, of varying composition and flavor.

(Ca*ran"goid) a. [Caranx + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Belonging to the Carangidæ, a family of fishes allied to the mackerels, and including the caranx, American bluefish, and the pilot fish.

(||Ca"ranx) n. (Zoöl.) A genus of fishes, common on the Atlantic coast, including the yellow or golden mackerel.

(Car"a*pace) n. [F.] (Zoöl.) The thick shell or shield which covers the back of the tortoise, or turtle, the crab, and other crustaceous animals.

Caracara to Carboxyl

(Ca`ra*ca"ra) n. (Zoöl.) A south American bird of several species and genera, resembling both the eagles and the vultures. The caracaras act as scavengers, and are also called carrion buzzards.

The black caracara is Ibycter ater; the chimango is Milvago chimango; the Brazilian is Polyborus Braziliensis.

(Car"ack) n. [F. caraque LL. carraca, fr. L. carrus wagon; or perh. fr. Ar. qorqur (pl. qaraqir) a carack.] (Naut.) A kind of large ship formerly used by the Spaniards and Portuguese in the East India trade; a galleon. [Spelt also carrack.]

The bigger whale like some huge carrack lay.

(Car"a*cole) n. [F. caracole, caracol, fr. Sp. caracol snail, winding staircase, a wheeling about.]

1. (Man.) A half turn which a horseman makes, either to the right or the left.

2. (Arch.) A staircase in a spiral form.

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