Burr to Bushelman

(Burr) n. [See Bur.] (Bot.)

1. A prickly seed vessel. See Bur, 1.

2. The thin edge or ridge left by a tool in cutting or shaping metal, as in turning, engraving, pressing, etc.; also, the rough neck left on a bullet in casting.

The graver, in plowing furrows in the surface of the copper, raises corresponding ridges or burrs.

3. A thin flat piece of metal, formed from a sheet by punching; a small washer put on the end of a rivet before it is swaged down.

4. A broad iron ring on a tilting lance just below the gripe, to prevent the hand from slipping.

5. The lobe or lap of the ear.

6. [Probably of imitative origin.] A guttural pronounciation of the letter r, produced by trilling the extremity of the soft palate against the back part of the tongue; rotacism; — often called the Newcastle, Northumberland, or Tweedside, burr.

7. The knot at the bottom of an antler. See Bur, n., 8.

(Burr) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Burred ; p. pr. & vb. n. Burring.] To speak with burr; to make a hoarse or guttural murmur. Mrs. Browning.

(Bur"rel) n. [Cf. OF. burel reddish or F. beurré butter pear, fr. beurre butter. Cf. Butter.] A sort of pear, called also the red butter pear, from its smooth, delicious, soft pulp.

(Bur"rel), n. Same as Borrel.

Burrel fly
(Bur"rel fly`) [From its reddish color. See 1st Burrel.] (Zoöl.) The botfly or gadfly of cattle See Gadfly.

Burrel shot
(Bur"rel shot`) [Either from annoying the enemy like a burrel fly, or, less probably, fr. F. bourreler to sting, torture.] (Gun.) A mixture of shot, nails, stones, pieces of old iron, etc., fired from a cannon at short range, in an emergency. [R.]

Burring machine
(Burr"ing ma*chine") A machine for cleansing wool of burs, seeds, and other substances.

Burr millstone
(Burr" mill"stone`) See Buhrstone.

(Bur"ro) n. [Sp., an ass.] (Zoöl.) A donkey. [Southern U.S.]

(Bur"rock) n. [Perh. from AS. burg, burh, hill + -ock.] A small weir or dam in a river to direct the stream to gaps where fish traps are placed. Knight.

(Bur"row) n. [See 1st Borough.]

1. An incorporated town. See 1st Borough.

2. A shelter; esp. a hole in the ground made by certain animals, as rabbits, for shelter and habitation.

3. (Mining) A heap or heaps of rubbish or refuse.

4. A mound. See 3d Barrow, and Camp, n., 5.

(Bur"row), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Burrowed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Burrowing.]

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