Yellow bugle, the Ajuga chamæpitys.

(Bu"gled) a. Ornamented with bugles.

Bugle horn
(Bu"gle horn`)

1. A bugle.

One blast upon his bugle horn
Were worth a thousand men.
Sir W. Scott.

2. A drinking vessel made of horn. [Obs.]

And drinketh of his bugle horn the wine.

(Bu"gler) n. One who plays on a bugle.

(Bu"gle*weed`) n. (Bot.) A plant of the Mint family and genus Lycopus; esp. L. Virginicus, which has mild narcotic and astringent properties, and is sometimes used as a remedy for hemorrhage.

(Bu"gloss) n.; pl. Buglosses [F. buglosse, L. buglossa, buglossus, fr. Gr. oxtongue ox + tongue.] (Bot.) A plant of the genus Anchusa, and especially the A. officinalis, sometimes called alkanet; oxtongue.

Small wild bugloss, the Asperugo procumbens and the Lycopsis arvensis.Viper's bugloss, a species of Echium.

(Bug"wort`) n. (Bot.) Bugbane.

(Buhl Buhl"work) n. [From A. Ch. Boule, a French carver in wood.] Decorative woodwork in which tortoise shell, yellow metal, white metal, etc., are inlaid, forming scrolls, cartouches, etc. [Written also boule, boulework.]

(Buhl"buhl) n. (Zoöl.) See Bulbul.

(Buhr"stone`) n. [OE. bur a whetstone for scythes.] (Min.) A cellular, flinty rock, used for mill stones. [Written also burrstone.]

(Build) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Built ; p. pr. & vb. n. Building. The regular imp. & p. p. Builded is antiquated.] [OE. bulden, bilden, AS. byldan to build, fr. bold house; cf. Icel. bol farm, abode, Dan. bol small farm, OSw. bol, böle, house, dwelling, fr. root of Icel. ba to dwell; akin to E. be, bower, boor. &radic97.]

1. To erect or construct, as an edifice or fabric of any kind; to form by uniting materials into a regular structure; to fabricate; to make; to raise.

Nor aught availed him now
To have built in heaven high towers.

(Bu"gle), n. [LL. bugulus a woman's ornament: cf. G. bügel a bent piece of metal or wood, fr. the same root as G. biegen to bend, E. bow to bend.] An elongated glass bead, of various colors, though commonly black.

(Bu"gle), a. [From Bugle a bead.] Jet black. "Bugle eyeballs." Shak.

(Bu"gle), n. [F. bugle; cf. It. bugola, L. bugillo.] (Bot.) A plant of the genus Ajuga of the Mint family, a native of the Old World.

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