Bort to Both

(Bort) n. Imperfectly crystallized or coarse diamonds, or fragments made in cutting good diamonds which are reduced to powder and used in lapidary work.

(Bo"ru*ret) n. (Chem.) A boride. [Obs.]

(Bor"we) n. Pledge; borrow. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(||Bos) n. [L., ox, cow.] (Zoöl.) A genus of ruminant quadrupeds, including the wild and domestic cattle, distinguished by a stout body, hollow horns, and a large fold of skin hanging from the neck.

(||Bo"sa) n. [Ar. bza, Pers. bzah: cf. F. bosan.] A drink, used in the East. See Boza.

(Bos"cage) n. [OF. boscage grove, F. bocage, fr. LL. boscus, buscus, thicket, wood. See 1st Bush.]

1. A growth of trees or shrubs; underwood; a thicket; thick foliage; a wooded landscape.

2. (O. Eng. Law) Food or sustenance for cattle, obtained from bushes and trees; also, a tax on wood.

(Bosh) n. [Cf. G. posse joke, trifle; It. bozzo a rough stone, bozzetto a rough sketch, s-bozzo a rough draught, sketch.] Figure; outline; show. [Obs.]

(Bosh), n. [Turk.] Empty talk; contemptible nonsense; trash; humbug. [Colloq.]

(Bosh), n.; pl. Boshes [Cf. G. böschung a slope.]

1. One of the sloping sides of the lower part of a blast furnace; also, one of the hollow iron or brick sides of the bed of a puddling or boiling furnace.

2. pl. The lower part of a blast furnace, which slopes inward, or the widest space at the top of this part.

3. In forging and smelting, a trough in which tools and ingots are cooled.

(||Bosh"bok) n. [D. bosch wood + bok buck.] (Zoöl.) A kind of antelope. See Bush buck.

(||Bosh"vark) n. [D. bosch wood + varken pig.] (Zoöl.) The bush hog. See under Bush, a thicket.

(||Bos"jes*man) n.; pl. Bosjesmans. [D. boschjesman.] See Bushman.

(Bosk) n. [See Bosket.] A thicket; a small wood. "Through bosk and dell." Sir W. Scott.

(Bos"kage) n. Same as Boscage.

Thridding the somber boskage of the wood.

(Bos"ket, Bos"quet) n. [F. bosquet a little wood, dim. fr. LL. boscus. See Boscage, and cf. Bouquet.] (Gardening) A grove; a thicket; shrubbery; an inclosure formed by branches of trees, regularly or irregularly disposed.

(Bosk"i*ness) n. Boscage; also, the state or quality of being bosky.

(Bosk"y) a. [Cf. Bushy.]

1. Woody or bushy; covered with boscage or thickets. Milton.

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