Bushet to Butcher

(Bush"et) n. [See Bosket.] A small bush.

(Bush"fight`er) n. One accustomed to bushfighting. Parkman.

(Bush"fight`ing) n. Fighting in the bush, or from behind bushes, trees, or thickets.

(Bush"ham`mer) n. A hammer with a head formed of a bundle of square bars, with pyramidal points, arranged in rows, or a solid head with a face cut into a number of rows of such points; — used for dressing stone.

(Bush"ham`mer), v. t. To dress with bushhammer; as, to bushhammer a block of granite.

(Bush"i*ness) n. The condition or quality of being bushy.

(Bush"ing), n. [See 4th Bush.]

1. The operation of fitting bushes, or linings, into holes or places where wear is to be received, or friction diminished, as pivot holes, etc.

2. (Mech.) A bush or lining; — sometimes called a thimble. See 4th Bush.

(Bush"less) a. Free from bushes; bare.

O'er the long backs of the bushless downs.

(Bush"man) n.; pl. Bushmen [Cf. D. boschman, boschjesman. See 1st Bush.]

1. A woodsman; a settler in the bush.

2. (Ethnol.) One of a race of South African nomads, living principally in the deserts, and not classified as allied in race or language to any other people.

(Bush"ment) n. [OE. busshement ambush, fr. bush.]

1. A thicket; a cluster of bushes. [Obs.] Raleigh.

2. An ambuscade. [Obs.] Sir T. More.

(Bush"ran`ger) n. One who roams, or hides, among the bushes; especially, in Australia, an escaped criminal living in the bush.

(Bush"whack`er) n.

1. One accustomed to beat about, or travel through, bushes. [U.S.]

They were gallant bushwhackers, and hunters of raccoons by moonlight.
W. Irving.

2. A guerrilla; a marauding assassin; one who pretends to be a peaceful citizen, but secretly harasses a hostile force or its sympathizers. [U.S.] Farrow.

(Bush"whack`ing), n.

1. Traveling, or working a way, through bushes; pulling by the bushes, as in hauling a boat along the bushy margin of a stream. [U.S.] T. Flint.

2. The crimes or warfare of bushwhackers. [U.S.]

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