Benzoic acid, or flowers of benzoin, a peculiar vegetable acid, C6H5.CO2H, obtained from benzoin, and some other balsams, by sublimation or decoction. It is also found in the urine of infants and herbivorous animals. It crystallizes in the form of white, satiny flakes; its odor is aromatic; its taste is pungent, and somewhat acidulous.Benzoic aldehyde, oil of bitter almonds; the aldehyde, C6H5.CHO, intermediate in composition between benzoic or benzyl alcohol, and benzoic acid. It is a thin colorless liquid.

(Ben*zoin") n. [Cf. F. benjoin, Sp. benjui, Pg. beijoin; all fr. Ar. luban-jawi incense form Sumatra (named Java in Arabic), the first syllable being lost. Cf. Benjamin.] [Called also benjamin.]

1. A resinous substance, dry and brittle, obtained from the Styrax benzoin, a tree of Sumatra, Java, etc., having a fragrant odor, and slightly aromatic taste. It is used in the preparation of benzoic acid, in medicine, and as a perfume.

2. A white crystalline substance, C14H12O2, obtained from benzoic aldehyde and some other sources.

3. (Bot.) The spicebush (Lindera benzoin).

Flowers of benzoin, benzoic acid. See under Benzoic.

(Ben*zoin"a*ted) a. (Med.) Containing or impregnated with benzoin; as, benzoinated lard.

(Ben"zole Ben"zol) n. [Benzoin + L. oleum oil.] (Chem.) An impure benzene, used in the arts as a solvent, and for various other purposes. See Benzene.

It has great solvent powers, and is used by manufacturers of India rubber and gutta percha; also for cleaning soiled kid gloves, and for other purposes.

(Ben"zo*line) n. (Chem.) (a) Same as Benzole. (b) Same as Amarine. [R.] Watts.

(Ben"zoyl) n. [Benzoic + Gr. wood. See -yl.] (Chem.) A compound radical, C6H5.CO; the base of benzoic acid, of the oil of bitter almonds, and of an extensive series of compounds. [Formerly written also benzule.]

(Ben"zyl) n. [Benzoic + - yl.] (Chem.) A compound radical, C6H5.CH2, related to toluene and benzoic acid; — commonly used adjectively.

(Be*paint") v. t. To paint; to cover or color with, or as with, paint.

Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek.

(Be*pelt") v. t. To pelt roundly.

1. A liquid consisting mainly of the lighter and more volatile hydrocarbons of petroleum or kerosene oil, used as a solvent and for cleansing soiled fabrics; — called also petroleum spirit, petroleum benzine. Varieties or similar products are gasoline, naphtha, rhigolene, ligroin, etc.

2. Same as Benzene. [R.]

The hydrocarbons of benzine proper are essentially of the marsh gas series, while benzene proper is the typical hydrocarbon of the aromatic series.

(Ben"zo*ate) n. [Cf. F. benzoate.] (Chem.) A salt formed by the union of benzoic acid with any salifiable base.

(Ben*zo"ic) a. [Cf. F. benzoïque.] Pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin.

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