Benzene nucleus, Benzene ring(Chem.), a closed chain or ring, consisting of six carbon atoms, each with one hydrogen atom attached, regarded as the type from which the aromatic compounds are derived. This ring formula is provisionally accepted as representing the probable constitution of the benzene molecule, C6H6, and as the type on which its derivatives are formed.

(Ben"zile) n. [From Benzoin.] (Chem.) A yellowish crystalline substance, C6H5.CO.CO.C6H5, formed from benzoin by the action of oxidizing agents, and consisting of a doubled benzoyl radical.

(Ben"zine) n. [From Benzoin.] (Chem.)

Bent grass to Bermuda grass

Bent grass
(Bent" grass`) (Bot.) Same as Bent, a kind of grass.

(Ben"thal) a. [Gr. the depth of the sea.] Relating to the deepest zone or region of the ocean.

(Ben*tham"ic) a. Of or pertaining to Bentham or Benthamism.

(Ben"tham*ism) n. That phase of the doctrine of utilitarianism taught by Jeremy Bentham; the doctrine that the morality of actions is estimated and determined by their utility; also, the theory that the sensibility to pleasure and the recoil from pain are the only motives which influence human desires and actions, and that these are the sufficient explanation of ethical and jural conceptions.

(Ben"tham*ite) n. One who believes in Benthamism.

Benting time
(Bent"ing time") The season when pigeons are said to feed on bents, before peas are ripe.

Bare benting times . . . may come.

(Bent"y) a.

1. A bounding in bents, or the stalks of coarse, stiff, withered grass; as, benty fields.

2. Resembling bent. Holland.

(Be*numb") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Benumbed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Benumbing.] [OE. binomen, p. p. of binimen to take away, AS. beniman; pref. be + niman to take. See Numb, a., and cf. Benim.] To make torpid; to deprive of sensation or sensibility; to stupefy; as, a hand or foot benumbed by cold.

The creeping death benumbed her senses first.

(Be*numbed") a. Made torpid; numbed; stupefied; deadened; as, a benumbed body and mind.Be*numbed"ness, n.

(Be*numb"ment) n. Act of benumbing, or state of being benumbed; torpor. Kirby.

(Ben"zal) n. [Benzoic + aldehyde.] (Chem.) A compound radical, C6H5.CH, of the aromatic series, related to benzyl and benzoyl; — used adjectively or in combination.

(Ben*zam"ide) n. [Benzoin + amide.] (Chem.) A transparent crystalline substance, C6H5.CO.NH2, obtained by the action of ammonia upon chloride of benzoyl, as also by several other reactions with benzoyl compounds.

(Ben"zene) n. [From Benzoin.] (Chem.) A volatile, very inflammable liquid, C6H6, contained in the naphtha produced by the destructive distillation of coal, from which it is separated by fractional distillation. The name is sometimes applied also to the impure commercial product or benzole, and also, but rarely, to a similar mixed product of petroleum.

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