Bends of a ship, the thickest and strongest planks in her sides, more generally called wales. They have the beams, knees, and foothooks bolted to them. Also, the frames or ribs that form the ship's body from the keel to the top of the sides; as, the midship bend.

(Bend), n. [AS. bend. See Band, and cf. the preceding noun.]

1. A band. [Obs.] Spenser.

2. [OF. bende, bande, F. bande. See Band.] (Her.) One of the honorable ordinaries, containing a third or a fifth part of the field. It crosses the field diagonally from the dexter chief to the sinister base.

Bend sinister(Her.), an honorable ordinary drawn from the sinister chief to the dexter base.

(Bend"a*ble) a. Capable of being bent.

(Bend"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, bends.

2. An instrument used for bending.

3. A drunken spree. [Low, U. S.] Bartlett.

4. A sixpence. [Slang, Eng.]

(Bend"ing), n. The marking of the clothes with stripes or horizontal bands. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Bend"let) n. [Bend + - let: cf. E. bandlet.] (Her.) A narrow bend, esp. one half the width of the bend.

(Bend"wise) adv. (Her.) Diagonally.

(Ben"dy) a. [From Bend a band.] (Her.) Divided into an even number of bends; — said of a shield or its charge. Cussans.

(Ben"e) n. (Bot.) See Benne.

(Be"ne) n. [AS. ben.] A prayer; boon. [Archaic]

What is good for a bootless bene ?

(||Bene, Ben) n. [Native name.] (Zoöl.) A hoglike mammal of New Guinea (Porcula papuensis).

(Be*neaped") a. (Naut.) See Neaped.

2. Turn; purpose; inclination; ends. [Obs.]

Farewell, poor swain; thou art not for my bend.

3. (Naut.) A knot by which one rope is fastened to another or to an anchor, spar, or post. Totten.

4. (Leather Trade) The best quality of sole leather; a butt. See Butt.

5. (Mining) Hard, indurated clay; bind.

6. pl. (Med.) same as caisson disease. Usually referred to as the bends.

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