Butment cheek(Carp.), the part of a mortised timber surrounding the mortise, and against which the shoulders of the tenon bear. Knight.

(Butt, But) n. [F. but butt, aim or bout, OF. bot, end, extremity, fr. boter, buter, to push, butt, strike, F. bouter; of German origin; cf. OHG. bozan, akin to E. beat. See Beat, v. t.]

Butchering to Buttonmold

(Butch"er*ing), n.

1. The business of a butcher.

2. The act of slaughtering; the act of killing cruelly and needlessly.

That dreadful butchering of one another.

(Butch"er*li*ness) n. Butchery quality.

(Butch"er*ly), a. Like a butcher; without compunction; savage; bloody; inhuman; fell. "The victim of a butcherly murder." D. Webster.

What stratagems, how fell, how butcherly,
This deadly quarrel daily doth beget!

Butcher's broom
(Butch"er's broom`) (Bot.) A genus of plants (Ruscus); esp. R. aculeatus, which has large red berries and leaflike branches. See Cladophyll.

(Butch"er*y) n. [OE. bocherie shambles, fr. F. boucherie. See Butcher, n.]

1. The business of a butcher. [Obs.]

2. Murder or manslaughter, esp. when committed with unusual barbarity; great or cruel slaughter. Shak.

The perpetration of human butchery.

3. A slaughterhouse; the shambles; a place where blood is shed. [Obs.]

Like as an ox is hanged in the butchery.

Syn. — Murder; slaughter; carnage. See Massacre.

(But"ler) n. [OE. boteler, F. bouteillier a bottle-bearer, a cupbearer, fr. LL. buticularius, fr. buticula bottle. See Bottle a hollow vessel.] An officer in a king's or a nobleman's household, whose principal business it is to take charge of the liquors, plate, etc.; the head servant in a large house.

The butler and the baker of the king of Egypt.
Gen. xl. 5.

Your wine locked up, your butler strolled abroad.

(But"ler*age) n. (O. Eng. Law) A duty of two shillings on every tun of wine imported into England by merchant strangers; — so called because paid to the king's butler for the king. Blackstone.

(But"ler*ship), n. The office of a butler.

(But"ment) n. [Abbreviation of Abutment.]

1. (Arch.) A buttress of an arch; the supporter, or that part which joins it to the upright pier.

2. (Masonry) The mass of stone or solid work at the end of a bridge, by which the extreme arches are sustained, or by which the end of a bridge without arches is supported.

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