To bend the brow, to knit the brow, as in deep thought or in anger; to scowl; to frown. Camden.

Syn. — To lean; stoop; deflect; bow; yield.

(Bend), v. i.

1. To be moved or strained out of a straight line; to crook or be curving; to bow.

The green earth's end
Where the bowed welkin slow doth bend.

2. To jut over; to overhang.

There is a cliff, whose high and bending head
Looks fearfully in the confined deep.

3. To be inclined; to be directed.

To whom our vows and wished bend.

4. To bow in prayer, or in token of submission.

While each to his great Father bends.

(Bend), n. [See Bend, v. t., and cf. Bent, n.]

1. A turn or deflection from a straight line or from the proper direction or normal position; a curve; a crook; as, a slight bend of the body; a bend in a road.

3. A member of a court or council. [Obs.] Shak.

4. One who frequents the benches of a tavern; an idler. [Obs.]

Bench warrant
(Bench" war`rant) (Law) A process issued by a presiding judge or by a court against a person guilty of some contempt, or indicted for some crime; — so called in distinction from a justice's warrant.

(Bend) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bended or Bent ; p. pr. & vb. n. Bending.] [AS. bendan to bend, fr. bend a band, bond, fr. bindan to bind. See Bind, v. t., and cf. 3d & 4th Bend.]

1. To strain or move out of a straight line; to crook by straining; to make crooked; to curve; to make ready for use by drawing into a curve; as, to bend a bow; to bend the knee.

2. To turn toward some certain point; to direct; to incline. "Bend thine ear to supplication." Milton.

Towards Coventry bend we our course.

Bending her eyes . . . upon her parent.
Sir W. Scott.

3. To apply closely or with interest; to direct.

To bend his mind to any public business.

But when to mischief mortals bend their will.

4. To cause to yield; to render submissive; to subdue. "Except she bend her humor." Shak.

5. (Naut.) To fasten, as one rope to another, or as a sail to its yard or stay; or as a cable to the ring of an anchor. Totten.

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