Vesta to Vincent de la Rosa

Vesta in Roman mythology, was the Home-goddess, called by the Greeks “Hestia.” She was custodian of the sacred fire brought by AEneas from Troy. This fire was lighted afresh annually on March day, and to let it go out would have been regarded as a national calamity.

Vestal Virgin A nun, a religieuse, properly a maiden dedicated to the service of the goddess Vesta. The duty of these virgins was to keep the fire of the temple always burning, both day and night. They were required to be of spotless chastity. (See Immuring. )

Veto (Monsieur and Madame). Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette. So called by the Republicans, because the Constituent Assembly allowed the king to have the power of putting his veto upon any decree submitted to him (1791.)
   Monsieur Veto swore he'd bide
   To the constitution true,
   But he cast his oath aside,
   Teaching us the like to do,
   Madame Veto swore one day
   All the Paris rout to slay;
   But we snapped the tyrant's yoke,
   Turning all her threats to smoke.
   E. C. B.

Vetturino [Vettu-reeno ], in Italy, is one who for hire conveys persons about in a nettura or four-wheeled carriage; the owner of a livery stable; a guide for travellers. The two latter are, of course, subsidiary meanings.

“We were accosted in the steamer by a well-dressed man, who represented himself to be a vetturino”- The Times (One of the Alpine Club)
Vi'a Dolorosa The way our Lord went to the Hall of Judgment, from the Mount of Olives to Golgotha, about a mile in length.

Vial Vials of wrath. Vengeance, the execution of wrath on the wicked. The allusion is to the seven angels who pour out upon the earth their vials full of wrath. (Rev. xvi.)

Viaticum (Latin). The Eucharist administered to the dying. The word means “money allowed for a journey,” and the notion is that this sacrament will be the spirit's passport to Paradise.

Vicar Rector, one who receives both great and small tithes. Vicar receives only the small tithes. At the Reformation many livings which belonged to monasteries passed into the hands of noblemen, who, not being in holy orders, had to perform the sacred offices vicariously. The clergyman who officiated for them was called their vicar or representative, and the law enjoined that the lord should allow him to receive the use of the glebe and all tithes except those accruing from grain (such as corn, barley, oats, rye, etc.), hay, and wood.
   The term Vicar is now applied to the minister of a district church, though he receives neither great nor small tithes; his stipend arising partly from endowment, partly from pew- rents, and in part from fees, voluntary contributions, offerings, and so on. The vicar of a pope is a Vicar- apostolic, and the vicar of a bishop is a curate or vicar in charge.
   A lay vicar is a cathedral officer who sings certain portions of the service. The Pope is called the “Vicar of Christ.”

Vicar of Bray (The). Let who will be king, I will be vicar of Bray still. Brome says of Simon Alleyn that he “lived in the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth. In the first two reigns he was Protestant, in Mary's reign he turned Papist, and in the next reign recanted- being resolved, whoever was king, to die Vicar of Bray.” (1540-1588.) Others say it is Pendleton.
   Ray refers to Simon Symonds, a vicar who was Independent in the Protectorate, Churchman in the reign of Charles II., Papist under James II., and Moderate Protestant under William and Mary.
   The well-known song, “I will be Vicar of Bray,” was written by an officer in Colonel Fuller's regiment. This vicar lived in the reigns of Charles II., James II., William III., Anne, and George I.

Vicar of Wakefield (The). Dr. Primrose

Vice (1 syl.), in Old English moralities, was a buffoon who wore a cap with ass's ears.

Vice Versa (Latin). The reverse; the terms of the case being reversed.

Victor Emmanuel of Italy called King Honest-Man, for his honest concessions to the people of constitutional freedom promised by his father and by himself in less prosperous circumstances.

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