Rally to Rape of the Lock

Rally is re-alligo, to bind together again. (French rallier.) In Spenser it is spelt re-allie-

“Before they could new consels re-allie.”
Faërie Queene.

“Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys,
We'll rally once again.”
G. F. Root: Battle-cry of Freedom, stanza i.
Ralph or Ralpho. The squire of Hudibras. The model was Isaac Robinson, a zealous butcher in Moorfields, always contriving some queer art of church government. He represents the Independent party, and Hudibras the Presbyterian. Ralph rhymes with half and safe.

“He was himself under the tyranny of scruples as unreasonable as those of ... Ralpho.”- Macaulay.
Ralph Roister Doister The title of the earliest English comedy; so called from the chief character. Written by Nicholas Udall. (16th century.)

Ram The usual prize at wrestling matches. Thus Chaucer says of his Mellere, “At wrastlynge he wolde bere away the ram.” (Canterbury Tales: Prologue 550.)

Ram Feast (The). May morning is so called at Holne, near Dartmoor, because on that day a ram is run down in the “Ploy Field.” It is roasted whole, with its skin and fur, close by a granite pillar. At mid-day a scramble takes place for a slice, which is supposed to bring luck to those who get it. Said to be a relic of Baal worship in England.

Ram and Teazle (The). A public-house sign, is in compliment to the Clothiers' Company. The ram with the golden fleece is emblematical of wool, and the teazle is used for raising the nap of wool spun and woven into cloth.

Ram of the Zodiac (The). This is the famous Chrysomallon, whose golden fleece was stolen by Jason in his Argonautic expedition. It was transposed to the stars, and made the first sign of the Zodiac.

   The Vernal signs the Ram begins;
   Then comes the Bull; in May the Twins:
   The Crab in June; next Leo shines;
   And Virgo ends the northern signs. E. C. B.

Ram's Horn (A). A loud, vulgar, unpolished speaker. A smooth-tongued orator is called a “silver trumpet.”

Rama The seventh incarnation of Vishnu.
   The first was the fish; the second, the tortoise; the third, the boar; the fourth, the man-lion; the fifth, the dwarf; the sixth, Parus'u-Rama, son of Jamadagni; the seventh, RAMA, son of Dasaratha, King of Ayodhyâ; the eighth, Krishna or Crishna; the ninth, Buddha; and the last (tenth) will be Kalki, and the consummation of all things- a kind of millennium.
   Rama performed many wonderful exploits, such as killing giants, demons, and monsters. He won Sita to wife because he was able to bend the bow of Siva.

Rama-Yana The history of Rama, the best great epic poem of ancient India, and worthy to be ranked with the Iliad of Homer.

Ramadan The ninth month of the Mahometan year, and the Mussulman's Lent or Holy Month.

“November is the financial Ramadan of the Sublime Porte.”- The Times.
   That is, when the Turkish Government promises all kinds of financial reforms and curtailments of national expenses.

Rambouillet Hôtel de Rambouillet. The réunion of rank and literary genius on terms of equality; a coterie where sparkling wit with polished manners prevails. The Marquise de Rambouillet, in the seventeenth century, reformed the French soirées, and purged them of the gross morals and licentious conversation which at that time prevailed. The present good taste, freedom without licentiousness, wit without double entendre, equality without familiarity, was due to this illustrious Italian. The Précieuses Ridicules of Molière was a satire on those her imitators who had not her talent and good taste. Catherine, Marquise de Rambouillet (1588-1665).

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