Ragout to Raleigh

Ragout is something “more-ish,” something you will be served twice to. (Latin, re-gustus, tasted again; French, re-goûte.)

Rahu The demon that causes eclipses. One day Rahu stole into Valhalla to quaff some of the nectar of immortality. He was discovered by the Sun and Moon, who informed against him, and Vishnu cut off his head. As he had already taken some of the nectar into his mouth, the head was immortal, and he ever afterwards hunted the Sun and Moon, which he caught occasionally, causing eclipses. (Hindu mythology.)

Rail To sit on the rail. To shuffle off a direct answer; to hedge or to fence; to reserve the decision of one's vote. Here rail means the fence, and “to sit on the rail” to sit on one side. A common American phrase.

“If he said `Yes,' there was an end to any church support at once; if `No,' he might as well go home at once. So he tried to sit on the rail again.”- T. Terrell: Lady Delmar, chap. i.
Railway Abbreviations
   C. & D. Collected and delivered- i.e. the rate quoted includes the entire charge from sender to consignee. Such goods are collected by the railway company and delivered according to the address at the price stated.
   S. to S. From station to station. This does not include collecting and delivering.
   O.R. Owner's risk.
   C.R. Company's risk.
   O.C.S. On company's service; such parcels go free.
   C. by B. Collection from the sender to the barge, both included.
   O/C. Overcharged.
   O/S. Outstanding.

Railway King George Hudson, of Yorkshire, chairman of the North Midland Company, and for a time the Dictator of the railway speculations. In a day he cleared the large sum of £100,000. It was the Rev. Sydney Smith who gave him this designation. (1800-1871.)

Railway Signals (See Flag Signals.)

   A. & B. R. Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway.
   B. & L. J. R. Bourn and Lynn Joint Railway.
   B. & M. R. Brecon and Merthyr Railway.
   B. & N. C. R. Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.
   Cal. R. Caledonian Railway.
   Cam. R. Cambrian Railway.
   C. K. & P. R. Cockermouth, Keswick, and Penrith Railway.
   C.L.C. Cheshire Lines Committee, embracing the G. N., M. S. & L., and Mid. Coys.
   C. V. R. Colne Valley and Halstead Railway.
   C. W. & C. R. Central Wales and Carmarthen Railway.
   C. & C. R. Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway.
   D. R. & C. R. Denbigh, Ruthin, and Corwen Railway.
   E. L. R. East London Railway.
   E. & W. J. R. East and West Junction Railway.
   Fur. R. Furness Railway.
   G. & K. R. Garstang and Knotend Railway.
   G. & S. W. R. Glasgow and South-Western Railway.
   G. E. R. Great Eastern Railway.
   G. N. S. R. Great Northern of Scotland Railway.
   G. N. R. Great Northern Railway.
   G. N. I. R. Great Northern of Ireland Railway.
   G. S. & W. R. Great Southern and Western Railway.
   G. W. R. Great Western Railway.
   H. R. Highland Railway.
   I. of M. R. Isle of Man Railway.
   I. of W. R. Isle of Wight Railway.
   L. & Y. R. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.
   L. B. & S. C. R. London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway.
   L. C. & D. R. London, Chatham, and Dover Railway.
   L. D. & E. C. R. Lancashire, Derby, and East Coast Railway.
   L. & N. W. R. London and North-Western Railway.
   L. & S. W. R. London and South-Western Railway.
   L. T. & S. R. London, Tilbury, and Southend Railway.
   M. & M. R. Manchester and Milford Railway.
   M. S. & L. R. Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.
   M. S. J. & A. R. Manchester, South Junction, and Altrincham Railway.
   M. & C. R. Maryport and Carlisle Railway.
   Met. R. Metropolitan Railway.
   Met. D. R. Metropolitan District Railway.
   M. R. Midland Railway.
   M. W. R. Mid-Wales Railway.
   M. G. W. I. R. Midland Great-Western of Ireland Railway.
   N. & B. R. Neath and Brecon Railway.
   N. & B. J. R. Northampton and Banbury Junction Railway.
   N. B. R. North British Railway.
   N. E. R. North-Eastern Railway.
   N. L. R. North London Railway.
   N. S. R. North Staffordshire Railway.
   P. & T. R. Pembroke and Tenby Railway.
   R. R. Rhymney Railway.
   S. & W. & S. B. R. Severn and Wye and Severn Bridge Railway.
   S. & D. J. R. Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway.
   S. E. R. South-Eastern Railway.
   S. M. & A. R. Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover Railway.
   T. V. R. Taff Vale Railway.
   W. & L. R. Waterford and Limerick Railway.
   W. & P. R. R. Watlington and Princes Risboro' Railway.
   W. R. Wigtownshire Railway.
   W. M. & C. Q. R. Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Quay Railway.

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