Pay (To). To requite, to punish.
   I'll pay him out. I'll be a match for him, I'll punish him.

“They with a foxe-tale him soundly did paye.”
The King and Northerne Man (1640).
Pay off old Scores (To). To pay off a debt, whether of money or revenge.

Pay with the Roll of the Drum (To). Not to pay at all. No soldier can be arrested for debt when on the march.

“How happy the soldier who lives on his pay,
And spends half-a-crown out of sixpence a day;
He cares not for justices, beadles, or bum,
But pays all his debts with the roll of the drum.”
Paynising A process of preserving and hardening wood invented by Mr. Payne. (See Kyanise. )

Pea-jacket (A). Dutch, pig or pije, a coarse thick cloth or felt. A “pije jacket.”

Peace The Perpetual Peace. The peace concluded January 24th, 1502, between England and Scotland. But a few years afterwards the battle of Flodden Field was fought.

Peace-makers (The). The nickname of the Bedfordshire regiment. So called from having no battles on the colours.

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