In Cæna Domini A papal bull, containing a collection of extracts from different constitutions of the popes, with anathemas against those who violate them; so called from the words with which it commences.

In Commendam (Latin). The holding of church preferment for a time, on the recommendation of the Crown, till a suitable person can be provided. Thus a clergyman who has been elevated to the bench retains for a time his "living" in commendam.

In Esse (Latin). In actual existence. Thus a child living is "in esse," but before birth is only "in posse."

In Extenso (Latin). At full length, word for word, without abridgment.

In Extremis At the very point of death. "In articulo mortis. "

In Fieri In the course of accomplishment; on the way.

In Flagrante Delicto Red-handed; in the very fact. "Il a été pris en flagrant délit, " i.e. "Sur le fait."

In for a Penny in for a Pound I may as well "be hung for a sheep as a lamb." If the punishment is the same, then it is worth the risk to commit the offence which brings the greatest profit.

In for It About "to catch it;" on the point of being in trouble.

"You are in for it, I can tell you. I would not stand in your shoes for something."

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