In Forma Pauperis to Indian Drug

In Forma Pauperis A person who will swear he is not worth £5 has writs, etc., gratis, and is supplied gratuitously with attorney and counsel (Henry VII., c. 12).

In Gremio Legis Under the protection of the law.

In Limine (Latin) At the outset, at the threshold.

In Loco Parentis One who stands in a parent's place.

In Medias Res In the middle of the subject. In novels and epic poetry, the author generally begins with some catastrophe, which is explained as the tale unfolds. In history, on the other hand, the author begins ab ovo.

In Memoriam In memory of.

In Nubibus In the clouds; not in actual existence; in contemplation.

In Partibus [Infidelium ]. In a non-Christian country. A "bishop in partibus " means a bishop in any country, Christian or otherwise, whose title is from some old see which has fallen away from the Catholic faith. Thus, in England, the Bishop of Cisamus, the Bishop of Emmaus, the Bishop of Amyela, are bishops in partibus. Dr. Wiseman was Bishop of Melipotamus before he was Archbishop of Westminister. A bishop in partibus does not mean a bishop in a land of infidels; he may be so, but this would not make him a bishop in partibus.

In Perpetuam (Latin). In perpetuity, for ever.

In Petto (Italian). Held in reserve, kept back, something done privately, and not announced to the general public. (In pectore [Latin], in the breast.)
   Cardinals in petto. Cardinals about to be elected, but not yet publicly announced. Their names are in pectore (of the Pope).

In Posse (Latin). What may be considered probable, but has not yet any real existence.

In Propria Persona (Latin). Personally, and not by deputy or agents.

In Prospect'u (Latin). What is intended or in contemplation to be done at some future time.

In Re (Latin). In the matter of; on the subject of; as In re Jones v. Robinson. But in rem, against the property or thing referred to.

In Situ (Latin). In its original place.

In Stat'u Quo or In stat'u quo ante (Latin). In the condition things were before the change took place. Thus, two nations arming for war may agree to lay down arms on condition that all things be restored to the same state as they were before they took up arms.

In Terrorem (Latin). As a warning, to deter others by terrifying them.

In Toto (Latin). Entirely, altogether.

In Vacuo (Latin). In a vacuum - i.e. in a space from which, nominally altogether, and really almost, all the air has been taken away.

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