Chartism The political system of the Chartists, who, in 1838, demanded the People's Charter, consisting of five principles: universal suffrage, annual parliaments, stipendiary members, vote by ballot, and electoral districts.

Charybdis [ch=k]. A whirlpool on the coast of Sicily. Scylla and Charybdis are employed to signify two equal dangers. Thus Horace says an author trying to avoid Scylla, drifts into Charybdis, i.e. seeking to avoid one fault, falls into another. The tale is that Charybdis stole the oxen of Hercules, was killed by lightning, and changed into the gulf.

“Thus when I shun Scylla, your father, I fall into Charybdis, your mother.”- Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, iii. 5.
Chase (A). A small deer-forest held, for the most part, by a private individual, and protected only by common law. Forests are royal prerogatives, protected by the “Forest Laws.”

Chase (A). An iron frame used by printers for holding sufficient type for one side of a sheet. The type is first set up letter by letter in the “composing stick,” and is then transferred to the “galley,” where it appears in columns. It is next divided into pages, and then transferred to the chase, where it is held tight by quoins, or small wedges of wood. The word is French, chasse (a frame), our case-ment. (See Stick)

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