Cadmeans to Calamity

Cadmeans The people of Carthage are called the Gens Cadmea, and so are the Thebans.

Cadmus having slain the dragon which guarded the fountain of Dircë, in Boeotia, sowed the teeth of the monster, when a number of armed men sprang up and surrounded Cadmus with intent to kill him. By the counsel of Minerva, he threw a precious stone among the armed men, who, striving for it, killed one another. The foundation of the fable is this: Cadmus having slain a famous freebooter that infested Boeotia, his banditti set upon him to revenge their captain's death; but Cadmus sent a bribe, for which they quarrelled and slew each other.

Cadogan (Ca-dug'-an). A club of hair worn by young French ladies; so called from the portrait of the first Earl of Cadogan, a print at one time very popular in France. The fashion was introduced at the court of Montbéliard by the Duchesse de Bourbon.

Caduceus (4 syl.). A white wand carried by Roman officers when they went to treat for peace. The Egyptians adorned the rod with a male and female serpent twisted about it, and kissing each other. From this use of the rod, it became the symbol of eloquence and also of office. In mythology, a caduceus with wings is placed in the hands of Mercury, the herald of the gods; and the poets feign that he could therewith give sleep to whomsoever he chose; wherefore Milton styles it “his opiate rod” in Paradise Lost, xi. 133.

“So with his dread caduceus Hermës led
From the dark regions of the imprisoned dead;
Or drove in silent shoals the lingering train
To Night's dull shore and Pluto's dreary reign.”
Darwin: Loves of the Plants, ii. 291.
Cadurci The people of Aquitania. Cahors is the modern capital.

Cædmon Cowherd of Whitby, the greatest poet of the Anglo-Saxons. In his wonderful romance we find the bold prototype of Milton's Paradise Lost. The portions relating to the fall of the angels are most striking. The hero encounters, defeats, and finally slays Grendel, an evil being of supernatural powers.

Cærite Franchise (The). The franchise of a Roman subject in a præfecture. These subjects had the right of self-government, and were registered by the Roman censor as tax-payers; but they enjoyed none of the privileges of a Roman citizen. Cære was the first community placed in this dependent position, whence the term Cærite franchise.

Caerleon on the Usk, in Wales. The habitual residence of King Arthur, where he lived in splendid state, surrounded by hundreds of knights, twelve of whom he selected as Knights of the Round Table.

Caesar was made by Hadrian a title, conferred on the heir presumptive to the throne (A.D. 136). Diocletian conferred the title on the two viceroys, calling the two emperors Augustus (sacred majesty). The German Emperor still assumes the title of kaiser (q.v.).

“Thou art an emperor, Cæsar, keisar, and Pheezar.”- Shakespeare: Merry Wives of Windsor, i.3.

“No bending knees shall call thee Caesar now.”
Shakespeare: 3 Henry VI., iii. 1.
   Caesar, as a title, was pretty nearly equivalent to our Prince of Wales and the French dauphin.
   Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. The name of Pompeia having been mixed up with an accusation against P. Clodius, Cæsar divorced her; not because he believed her guilty, but because the wife of Cæsar must not even be suspected of crime. (Suetonius: Julius Cæsar, 74.)
   Cæsar. (See page 76, 2, Aut Cæsar.)
   Julius Cæsar's sword. Crocea Mors (yellow death). (See page 76, 2, Sword.) Julius Caesar won 320 triumphs.

Cæsarian Operation or Cesarean Operation. The extraction of a child from the womb by cutting the abdomen (Latin, cæso, cut from the womb). Julius Caesar is said to have been thus brought into the world.

Cæ'sarism The absolute rule of man over man, with the recognition of no law divine or human beyond that of the ruler's will. (See Chauvinism .)

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