Thus in France we see, These apartments to be let presently, meaning now - a phrase which would in English signify by-and-by.

Bygones Let bygones be bygones. Let old grievances be forgotten and never brought to mind.

By-laws Local laws. From by, a borough. Properly, laws by a Town Council, and bearing only on the borough or company over which it has jurisdiction.

By-road (A). Not a main road; a local road.

By-the-by En passant, laterally connected with the main subject. “By-play” is side or secondary play; “By- lanes and streets” are those which branch out of the main thoroughfare. The first “by” means passing from one to another, as in the phrase “Day by day.” Thus “By-the-by” is passing from the main subject to a by or secondary one.

By-the-way is an incidental remark thrown in, and tending the same way as the discourse itself.

Byron The Polish Byron. Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855).
   The Russian Byron. Alexander Sergeivitch Puschkin (1799-1837)

Byrsa (See page 191, col. 1, Bursa .)

Byzantine Art That symbolical system which was developed by the early Greek or Byzantine artists out of the Christian symbolism. Its chief features are the circle, dome, and round arch; and its chief symbols the lily, cross, vesica, and nimbus. St. Sophia, at Constantinople, and St. Mark, at Venice, are excellent examples.

Byzantine Empire (The). The Eastern or Greek Empire from 395 to 1453.

Byzantine Historians Certain Greek historians who lived under the Eastern empire between the sixth and fifteenth centuries. They may be divided into three groups:- (1) Those whose works form a continuous history of the Byzantine empire, from the fourth century to the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks; (2) general chroniclers who wrote histories of the world from the oldest period; and (3) writers on Roman antiquities, statistics, and customs.

Byzantines (3 syl.). Coins of the Byzantine empire, generally called Besants.

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