Table of contents
B to Babel  
Babouc to Back  
Back and Edge to Badaud  
Badge of Poverty to Baillif  
Bain Marie to Balder  
Balderdash to Bambino  
Bambocciades to Banner  
Banneret to Barbary  
Barbason to Bark  
Barker to Barratry  
Barrol Fever to Bas Bleu  
Base to Bath Stone  
Bath to Battus paieront  
Baubee to Bead  
Bead-house to Bear  
Bear to Beasts  
Beastly Drunk to Beauty and the Beast  
Beauty of Buttermere to Bee  
Bee to Before the Mast  
Beg the Question to Belial  
Belinda to Bellarmine  
Bellaston to Ben  
Ben Jochanan' to Benshie, Benshee  
Bent to Bertha  
Bertha to Beth Gelert  
Bethlemenites to Bias  
Biberius Caldius Mero to Bickerstaff  
Bicorn to Bill  
Bill of Fare to Bird in the hand  
Bird in thy Bosom to Bites and Bams  
Biting Remark to Blackfoot  
Black Friars to Black Sheep  
Black Standard to Blaze  
Blaze to Blindmen's Dinner  
Blinkers to 1. Blow  
Blow a Cloud to Blue Devils  
Blue eyed Maid to Bluff  
Bluff Harry to Boaz  
Bob to Bogtrotters  
Bogus to Bomb  
Bomba to Bonnet  
Bonnet Lairds to Boots  
Boots to Bos  
Bosh to Boucan  
Bouders to Bower of Bliss  
Bowie Knife to Brag  
Braggadochio to Breaches  
Bread to Brevet Rank  
Breviary to Bridport  
Brigadore to Brittany  
Broach to Brown, Jones, and Robinson  
Brown Bess to Brutus  
Brutus to Budget  
Buff to Bullet  
Bulletin to Burbon  
Burchardise to Busby  
Bush to Buttons  
Button-hole to Byzantines  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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