Braggadochio to Breaches

Braggadochio A braggart. One who is very valiant with his tongue, but a great coward at heart. A barking dog that bites not. The character is from Spenser's Faërie Queene, and a type of the “Intemperance of the Tongue.” After a time, like the jackdaw in borrowed plumes, Braggadochio is stripped of all his “glories”: his shield is claimed by Sir Marinel; his lady is proved by the golden girdle to be the false Florimel; his horse is claimed by Sir Guyon; Talus shaves off his beard and scourges his squire; and the pretender sneaks off amidst the jeers of everyone. It is thought that the poet had Felipe of Spain in his eye when he drew this character. (Faërie Queene, iii. 8, 10; v. 3.)

Bragi Son of Odin and Frigga. According to Scandinavian mythology, he was the inventor of poetry; but, unlike Apollo, he is always represented as an old man with a long white beard. His wife was Iduna.

Bragi's Apples An instant cure of weariness, decay of power, ill temper, and failing health. These apples were inexhaustible, for immediately one was eaten its place was supplied by another.

Bragi's Story Always enchanting, but never coming to an end.

“But I have made my story long enough; if I say more, you may fancy that it is Bragi who has come among you, and that he has entered on his endless story.”- Keary: Heroes of Asgard, p. 224.

Bragmardo When Gargantua took the bells of Notre Dame de Paris to hang about the neck of his horse, the citizens sent Bragmardo to him with a remonstrance. (Rabelais: Gargantua and Pantagruel. )

Brahma (Indian ). The self-existing and invisible Creator of the universe; represented with four heads looking to the four corners of the world. The divine triad is Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.
   Brahma. One of the three beings created by God to assist in the creation of the world. The Brahmins claim him as the founder of their religious system.

“Whate'er in India holds the sacred name
Of piety or lore, the Brahmins claim;
In wildest rituals, vain and painful, lost,
Brahma, their founder, as a god they boast.”
Camoens: Lusiad, book vii.

Brahmi One of the three goddess-daughters of Vishnu, representing “creative energy.”

Brahmin A worshipper of Brahma, the highest caste in the system of Hinduism, and of the priestly order.

Bramble (Matthew ). A testy, gouty, benevolent, country squire, in Smollett's novel of Humphrey Clinker. Colman has introduced the same character as Sir Robert Bramble in his Poor Gentleman. Sheridan's “Sir Anthony Absolute” is of the same type.

“A'n't I a baronet? Sir Robert Bramble at Blackberry Hall, in the county of Kent? `Tis time you should know it, for you have been my clumsy, two-fisted valet-de-chambre these thirty years.”- The Poor Gentleman, iii. 1.

Bran If not Bran, it is Bran's brother. If not the real “Simon Pure,” it is just as good. A complimentary expression. Bran was Fingal's dog, a mighty favourite.

Bran-new or Brand-new. (Anglo-Saxon, brand, a torch.) Fire new. Shakespeare, in Love's Labour Lost, i. 1, says, “A man of fire-new words.” And again in Twelfth Night, iii. 2, “Fire-new from the mint”; and again in King Lear, v. 3, “Fire-new fortune”; and again in Richard III., act i. 3, “Your fire-new stamp of honour is scarce current.” Originally applied to metals and things manufactured in metal which shine. Subsequently applied generally to things quite new.

Brand The Clicquot brand, etc., the best brand, etc. That is the merchant's or excise mark branded on the article itself, the vessel which contains the article, the wrapper which covers it, the cork of the bottle, etc., to guarantee its being genuine, etc. Madame Clicquot, of champagne notoriety, died in 1866.
   He has the brand of villain in his looks. It was once customary to brand the cheeks of felons with an F. The custom was abolished by law in 1822.

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