Ross (Lord), an officer in the king’s army under the duke of Monmouth.—Sir W. Scott: Old Mortality (time, Charles II.).

Ross (The Man of), John Kyrle of Whitehouse, in Gloucestershire. So called because he resided in the village of Ross, Herefordshire. Kyrle was a man of unbounded benevolence, and beloved by all who knew him.

(Pope celebrates him in his Moral Essays, iii., 1709.)

Rosse, the sword which the dwarf Elberich gave to Otwit king of Lombardy. It was so keen that it left no gap where it cut.

Balmung, the sword forged by Wieland and given to Siegfried, was so keen that it clove Amilias in two without his knowing it; but when he attempted to move he fell asunder.

This sword to thee I give; it is all bright of hue.
Whatever it may cleave no gap will there ensue.
From Almari I brought it, and Rosse is its name.

   —The Heldenbuck.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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