(2) According to Mussulman tradition, the rose is thus accounted for: When Mahomet took his journey to heaven, the sweat which fell on the earth from the prophet’s forehead produced white roses, and that which fell from Al Borak’ (the animal he rode) produced yellow ones.

(3) A Roman legend attributes it to the blood of Venus, wounded by the dart of Cupid.

(4) A Moslem tradition attributes it to he sweat of Mahomet. (See above.)

(5) Christian tradition attributes it to the blood of the first martyr.

(6) An unauthorized legend is that when the Flood ceased, Love threw to earth a flower to show Noah that the righteous wrath of God had passed away. That flower took root and became a rose, and ever since the rose has been made the emblem of enduring love.

The waters ceased, and Love threw down a flower,
To show the wrath hath passed of God above;
The rose took root, and ever from that hour
Hath been the emblem of abiding love.

   —E. C. B.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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